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Wizard Quest collectible card game (CCG)
Designer Eric F.
Date Wed Dec 19th
Players 2-3
This is an unfinished deck. It is incomplete, and is not playable.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

This is a card game based on wizards. You can play as a wizard Character and battle other people and there characters using spells potions and more.

Special Rules

There is alot of explaining that I have also put into special rules.

Card types


1. Charecters: These are the people you battle with.

2. People: These are other people who show up in the game such as an apprentice or body guard.

3. Creatures:These are like wizards pets and range from cats to owls to dragons.

4. Potions: These are things that give you boosts harm other players etc.

5. Items: These are things like spell books, talismens, amulets, magicaly inhanced jewlry etc.

6. Weaponry: These are swords, shields, and armors

7. Potion ingredients: These are used to make potions. Some may also need to be destroyed to play a card.

8. Defenders: These are things like brick wall, or wizard tower. If these are in play the other player can do nothing but try to destroy the wall.

9. Fault: These are things like Over eager apprentice. These have negative effects and must be played emidiatly.

10. Magic words: These are requred for certain spells.


1. Spells: These are the basis of the game. They can heal you, help you attack, and more.

2. Special attacks: These are attacks that you would use with weapons to boost there hit.

3. Boosts: These are cards that can heal you when played or harm the other player etc.

4. Neutral: These are cards such as draw 3 cards or discard 1 card.

5. Removers: These are cards that allow you to remove other cards in play.

6. Rule benders: These cards bend the rules.

7. Combo-cards/certificates: Some spells can be put together as a combo. Combo cards tell you how to do the combo and combo certificates allow you to do a certin combo that your not sure if you can do or not.

8. Phrases: These are famous or not so famous or just plain made up phrases. They have an effect tied up with them and often you have to role a die to chose 1 of many affects with it (e.g. If you roled a 1 on a die for the phrase card "They come with axes" you would get to take any axe like weapon out of your deck.

9. Magic words: Some spells require these (e.g. a card would say you need the magic words abracadabra to cast this spell.)

10. Magic geastures: These consist of 3 things. Hand, palm, and arm. And 2 actions. Snap, and clap. These are used in conjunction with the gesture cards to cast spells. (e.g. it might say use clap with gestures 1 and 2 to cast this spell.)

11. Conditions: These cards do are not used in the game. They should be set where they can esisly be reached. They set condintions in the game. Each player may have 3 condition cards in the game.

12. Translators: Some cards are ritten in draconic/elvish/etc. These cards tell the meaning of different words in these langueges. Before you can use a card in a different languege you need translators.

Card layout

Here we will point out a few areas of the card you might want to know.

Charecter/people cards

charecter-lvl: 0
This wizard has a weakness to fire. 100 hp, 100 mp, 100 E. Water blast: 100 h
this wizard specilizes in water spells.

Top center: Name, this just gives the name.

Top right: Rarity, this is how rare it is. Goes as follows. 0: basic, 1: common, 2: uncommon, 3: hard to find, 4: rare, 5: super rare

2cond row: Type/level this gives the type of card and the its level (the level is for the advanced game where a character can only use a card if it is his level or lower.)

3rd row: (normaly above this is a picture.) This gives different information Hp; hit points (tells what health your charecter is at.)Mp; Magic points (these are used for the advanced game where each spell card costs so many Mp and if you don't have enough you need to raise using a potion, boost, etc. before you can use spells.)Each charecter has one special spell it can use (e.g. water blast). Where it says 100 h that is how much it hits. Weakness/strangth; some cards have weaknesses and strengths. For strangths whenever you use something related to that strength you gain 1 hp. Whenever it is used against you you gain 2 hp. For weaknesses whenever you use something realated to that you lose 2 hp. Whenever something like that is used against you you lose 1 hp. A charecter may not have a weakness or strength.

Last row: This is just text that gives a little backround on the card.

Spell cards

Spell-creature*-offensive-lvl 0
100 h, 100mp
This shoots out a fiery blast

There are 2 things I would like to point out for spell cards.

2cond row: This tells that it is a spell card that it can be used by creatures and it is offensive. The star (*) next to the word creature says that it can be taught to humans (it is the same for humans only visversa)(to learn it it must be used 3 times). If there is no text stating creature or human it can be used by both.

3rd row: (noramaly above this ther would be a picture). The 100 h means that it can hit 100 and 100 mp means it wastes 100 mp (then ever ten mp you lose 1 energy).


Mana potion
potion-boost-stackable-lvl 0
heal 25 mp
A potion that heals mp

There is 1 point on potion/item cards I would like to point out.

2cond row: This also shows if it is stackable (you can place it on the same spot as similar cards therfore saving room on the playing bord, Equipable (you can equip it as a weapon or armor. You can only have 1 armor, on 1-2 weapons/sheilds 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of gloves, Up to 10 rings, and as many necklesses/amulets/talsimins you want.), or if it is neither.

Game Mat

The game mat has 2 rows each row containing 15 spots to put cards.

First row: The first six spots are for putting spell cards you would like to reserve for later. The next spot is for creatures/people. The middle spot is for your charecter. The spot next to this is for more creatures/people. The last six spots are for potions you wan't to put in reserve.

Bottom row: The first spot is for spell field cards (enhances certin abbilities when used). The next spot is for your spell book (spells you have learned). The third spot is for your spell list (this is a pile of 5 spell cards that in case you need a spell card you can draw form it each turn or add to it.) And the fourth spot is for Your potion rack (same as spell list only for potions). The next nine spots are for putting other cards. The 2cond last spot is for the discard pile and the last spot is for your deck.

Starting a game

First lay out a game mat (you may need to make it you self). Then remove 5 spells and potions from you deck. Seperate them and put the spells on the spell list and the potions on the potion rack spot face down. Place all combo cards/certificates in a pile off to the side for verifacation later. Then remove all your character cards and choose 1 (put the rest off to the sidef). Finaly shuffle your deck and draw 5 cards. You will also like to have a few things ready. A dice(may be needed for certain cards), A calculator(to figure out hp etc.), a coin (may be needed for certain cards), and pen and paper (in case you come up with a card). Now then you need to figure out who goes first (you can flip a coin, see who roles the highest on a dice, or do Potion (rock), Spell (paper), Weapon (sicors) (this is also used in the game for ties and certain other situations). Once this is all done let the games begin.

Playing the game

Once you have everything set up and ready to play the first person goes. Below are the phases you go through.

The beggining phase:

1. Draw a card from your deck.

2. Play any cards you want to reserve onto the field.

3. Put any spells/potions you want on the potion rack/spell list.

4. Put any spell you have learned so far on the spell book pile.

5. Activate any non offensive/deffensive cards you want.

The battle phase:(any time during this phase you may activate any cards in reserve or attack with a creature (if you play any non offensive/deffensive card from your hand your turn ends).

1. Attack

2. If your opponant blocks the attack then you may attack again

3. This repeats until you end your turn, or you have no more chances to attack

End phase:

1. Draw a card

2. if you have more then ten cards shuffle cards from your hand into you deck so that you only have 7 cards.

It is now the next players turn. During the battle phase you may activate any boost/etc. you want to heal yourself and you may play any deffensive/offensive card you want to deffend your self from attacks as long as it makes sensce (e.g. It would not make sense to use fire wall to block fire blast or use fire blast to block a wind strike.)

Winning the game

You play till ethier a person is dead because they are at 0 hp. Can not use any spells because they are at 0 mp and cant heal any mp or they are to exhausted to fight because they are out of energy. This means you have won the round. Then you start another round by starting all over and picking different charecters. The winner gets to go first and he can take the hp, mp, and energy left on the charecter from their previous round and subtract it from the hp, mp, and energy of their new charecter and take the differences and add it on to there new charecters hp, mp, and energy. To win the game you need to win the most rounds (e.g. 1 out of 1, 2 out of 3, 3 out of five, etc.)

Rule changes

There are a few changes to the rules.

First of all at the end of the turn instead of dicarding card so that you have five cards you dicard cards so that you have 7 cards if you have more then ten cards.

Second of all instead of only drawing a card at the beggining of your turn you also draw at the end of your turn.

Keepsies, the advanced version, and other optional stuff

Keepsies: Some cards allow the players to capture other players cards. If you are playing for keepsies then these cards become the propertie of the players who captured it(must do if you are playing for keepsies). Also some cards instead of going to the discard pile (because then they can still be brought back into the game and have an effect in it). May be removed compleatly from the game. It is optional that if you are playing for keepsies everyone who has a card that was removed from the game must put it in a pile and be evenly distrubutid among the players (the winner gets the extras if there is an odd number) this thou is optional. Some tournaments (and all offical tournaments) have tournament officials who arn't particapating select a card that the loser must forfiet to the winner (never a realy good card it is normaly just a basic potion or boost) this though is optional for all tournaments except official ones.

The advanced version: This is the same as the basic version only in the basic version you do not use level, mp, and energy while in the advanced version you do.

Other stuff: You and the others you are playing with can make up special rules. These are often things like "If you hold up the game by going to the bathroom you loose your turn" or something like that.


1. Destroy: This is when a thing card is removed from play by the effect of another thing/spell.

2.Discard: This is when a card is removed from a players hand because of the effec of a card.

3. Poison dammage: A card that gives poison dammage will say how many turns it lasts. Each turn it is in effect role a dice (if player susstains more then 1 poison damage role multiple times). The number on the dice is how much poison dammage they sustain that turn

4. Bleed damage: A card may say "If you attack someone they sustains 2 bleed damage for 3 turns. This means that when they get the bleed damage they lose 2 hit points. During there next turn flip a coin. If heads they sustain double of what they first got hit. If tails they do not sustain bleed damage. The next third time you flip the coin and if heads you double what they where hit last time (if it was 0 then double the first time) If tails you miss. This continues on for however many turns the bleed damage lasts.

5. Fire damage: If a player gets fire damage they lose however many hit points is stated. The next turn the opponant roles the dice. The number is how much fire dammage they sustain. Then flip a coin. If heads they must chose to either destroy 1 card besides creatures/characters/people or chose 1 other creature/charater/people card to also sustain fire damage.

6.Darkness damage: If some one is hit with darkness damage that player loses however many hit points the carde states. The darkness damage last for however long the card stats. During the players turn who sustains the darkness damage they must flip a coin. If heads they sustain the damage they are hit whith the same amount of damage as when they where first hit with the darkness damage. If tails they sustain no damage. They also may not attack at this time. Any player attacking a player wih darkness damage must flip a coin. If heads they miss. If tails they hit. This continues on for however long stated on the card.

7. Light dammage: Same as darkness damage only players attacking someone with light damage do not have to flip a coin. Also if someone uses a spell, etc. that causes light damage everyone (besides the person being hit by the light dammage) must flip a coin. If heads they lose there next turn. If tails they do not. Any card that creates light dammage may be substitud to heal darkness damgage.

8.Hero: These are super rare and usely one of a kind. All heros have a name (e.g. gadalf the grey). Also heros may have a similar card named after them (e.g. gandalf the grey, and gandalf the white).

9.Remove from play: Sometimes you may revive cards in the dicard pile or they still have an effect in the game. This is why some cards make you remove cards from play. This means they are no longer in that game whatsoever and should be placed aside from the game.

10.Partialy removed from play: Since it is very rare to be able to bring back a potion except from one card effect they are considered removed from play. But realy they are not they are just there because they will almost never be able to be brought back from the game and rarely have an effect in the game.

11. Hero weapons: These are special weapons. They have names and often have powerful effects that go with them.

Card List

Sword of Derza
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 10
Attack 100 h. Role a dice. If 1-3 add 5 fire dammage. If 4-6 do 1 poison dammage each turn for 3 turns
The sword of the evil shade Durza
Card by Eric F.
Arya's sword
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 15
Attack 150 h. Every other turn you may do a double attack.
The sword of the elf Arya
Card by Eric F.
Brom's sword
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 3
Attack 50 h.
The sword of Brom
Card by Eric F.
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 20
Attack 1000 h. Flip a coin if heads do 10 bleed damage. If tails do 3 darkness damage.
The sword Brom gave to Eragon which was stolen by Murtaugh
Card by Eric F.
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 10
Attack 100. If attacking a goblin deal 150.
The sword stolen by Gadnalf from trolls. It was used in the goblin wars
Card by Eric F.
Biter, sword of Thorin
Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 5
Attack 75 h. When attack goblins hit 100.
The sword stolin by Thorin the dwarf from trolls.
Card by Eric F.

Item-Weapon*-equipable-lvl 10
Attack 30 h. When attack goblins hit 50. When a goblin is put into play it is useless for 2 turns.
The short sword stolen by Frodo the hobbit from the trolls.
Card by Eric F.

Gandalf the Grey
Charecter-Hero-Lvl 20
9000 hp, 5000 mp, 1050, E. Lightning flare-150 h.
Gadalf the mighty wizard from the lord of the rings.
Card by Eric F.
Gadalf the white
Charecter-Hero-Lvl 25
9500 hp, 5500 mp, 1100, E. Super falming light-200 h.
Gadalf becomes the white after his battle with the balorg.
Card by Eric F.
Suraman the White
Charecter-Hero-Lvl 20
10000 hp, 5000 mp, 1050, E. Enchanting voice-100 h and whenever anyone plays you that hour they lose their first turn.
Gadalf the mighty wizard from the lord of the rings.
Card by Eric F.
Suaraman of many colors
Charecter-Hero-Lvl 17
7000 hp, 2000 mp, 1100, E. Do 12 fire damage.
Gadalf the mighty wizard from the lord of the rings.
Card by Eric F.
Badghast the Brown
Charecter-Hero-Lvl 12
7540 hp, 1550 mp, 1100, E.
The wizard who unkowingly sends Gadalf into Suramans trap.
Card by Eric F.
The witch of blackbird pond
Charecter-Lvl 5
3000 hp, 2000 mp, 1100, E. Flood-do 20 damage
The witch of blackbird pond.
Card by Eric F.

Fire strike
Spell-humanoid*-offensive-lvl 3
do 3 fire damage.
a small blast of fire
Card by Eric F.
Fire blast
spell-humanoid*-offensive-level 4
Do 9 fire dammage.
a medium blast of fire.
Card by Eric F.
Fire wave
Spell-offensive-level 5
Do 13 fire dammage.
A wave of fire.
Card by Eric F.
fire flood
Spell-offensive-level 10
Do 17 fire damage
A flood of fire
Card by Eric F.
Alchamist Fire
Potion-Lvl 25
Do 50 fire damage.
A potion of liquid fire that catches when thron
Card by Eric F.
Potion-lvl 15
A player loses his/her turn till they remove the tangelfoot.
A sticky gelly in a bag that bursts open when thrown.
Card by Eric F.
Holy water
Potion-lvl 3
All undead/unholy things on both sides of the field are destroyed.
A bottle of blessed water.
Card by Eric F.
There and back again
If you start the game and win it and you used at least 1 card related to hobbits then the next time you play against that person you start.
There and back again. A hobbits tale. By bilbo bagins
Card by Eric F.
Ixen svent
Spell-creature*-offensive-lvl 25
You can only use this if you have translator cards for these words. role a die. Whatever the number is multiply i be 10.
Ixen Svent. This card seams to be in draconic.
Card by Eric F.
Translator; Ixen
Ixen= Fire
Ixen the draconic word for fire
Card by Eric F.
Translator: Svent
Svent is draconic for arrow.
Card by Eric F.
Suarmans Icy storm
Spell-offensive-lvl 30
do 12 ice damage. Can not be used without the magic words.
Suarmans storm that makes the fellowship take the rout of Moria.
Card by Eric F.
Suarmans icy storm (magic words)
magic words
You need this card to cast Suarmans icy storm
"Their is a fell voice in the air" says Legoles.
Card by Eric F.
Legolas the elf
Person-lvl 19
1000 hp, 50 mp, 200 e. Great acuracy: If weilding a bow flip a coin whenever you attack with it. Add 25 if heads add 10 if tails.
"I am Legolas of Mirkwood forest."
Card by Eric F.
Legolas's battle knives.
Weopon-equipable-lvl 17
role a die. Multiply the number by 15. That is how much you hit. You may not have 2 weopons or a sheild equiped with this.
The battle knives of Legolas.
Card by Eric F.
Bow of Legolas
Weapon-equipable-lvl 18
50 h. Elven shot: Role a die. Multiply the number by 50. To do this you need a quiver of arrows. It should be removed from play after using elven shot. You may not have a shield or other weapon equiped with this.
The bow of Legolas
Card by Eric F.
Person-lvl 1
Hp 50, 20 h.
A simple bow man.
Card by Eric F.
Minor mana potion.
Potion-lvl 1
Draw 1 spell card from your deck
A simple mana potion.
Card by Eric F.
Mana Potion
Potion-lvl 1
Heal 10 magic points
A potion for healing magic.
Card by Eric F.
Spell-creature*-lvl 10
Do 50 fire damage.
Shoots out a jet of flame.
Card by Eric F.
Water wizard
Charecter-lvl 1
100 hp, 100 mp. Water blast 50 h
A simple water wizard
Card by Eric F.
Major mana potion
Potion-lvl 10
Heal 10 mp and draw 1 spell card
A potion that heals alot of magic.
Card by Eric F.
Final Strike
Super attack-lvl 17
Use this with any charecter/people card that has a sword etc. Hit 100. You can only play it at the very end of your turn.
The final strike
Card by Eric F.
...And the lord of the rings.
If you are using the condition card There and Back again then you must use this one also. If you have the One Ring card you lose 1 hp every turn.
There and Back again. A hobbits tale. By Bilbo Baggins and The lord of the Rings by Frodo Baggins.
Card by Eric F.
Water wizard
Character lvl 1
100hp, 100 mp, 100 e. Water strike: 100 h
A simple wizard who specializes in water
Card by Eric F.
Water potion
Either A: remove any card with fire in its name or and fire spell card, B: Enhance a water spell by 100 h, or C: Enhance either the hp, mp, or E of a charecter with water in its name by 100
A potion of water.
Card by Eric F.
The One Ring
Item-equipable-lvl 50
You can not be hit, gain darkness power, every turn you lose 1 hp, You gain 100 hp, 100 mp, and 100 E.
"One ring to rule them all. One ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. In the halls of Mordor where the shawdows lie."
Card by Eric F.