Variables booster pack

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Variables booster pack
Designer JakeTheWolfie
Date 8/2/2021
Players 2+
Although this is an unfinished deck, it is still playable.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

A set of cards that will lead to some truly varied play! Add a bit of mathematics and such to your next game of Infinite Dvorak!

Special Rules

There are special rules in addition to normal Infinite Dvorak Rules to help better implement variables.

  1. All variable's values start as 1.
  2. Whenever a card defines a value for a variable, that change will happen instantly.
  3. If an action defines a variable, that change will happen once.
    1. If a thing defines a variable, the most recently played thing will define that variable.
    2. If a thing that previously defined a variable is brought out of play, then the next most recently played thing will define that variable.


X = 5 (#8885)
Secret Stash (#8886)
Copious amounts of Money (#8887)
Countdown (#8891)
Inflated Values (#8892)
Varied Gems (#8893)

X = 5
Whenever the numerical amount X is on a card, substitiute it with 5.
A constant variable, I must say!
Secret Stash
Draw X cards from the deck, and place them face-down in a pile next to you. You may view any and all cards from this pile at any time. Instead of drawing from the main deck, you may draw any card from this pile.
Squirreling away some cards for the winer.
Copious amounts of Money
During the beginning of your turn, multiply the amount of money tokens (or other valuable tokens) by X
Exponentiating the growth of my wealth is critical to going to space!
At the beginning of your turn, reduce the value of X by 1. If X = 0, Destroy this thing.
It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN Kazoo Sounds
Inflated Values
Multiply the current value of X by 2.
Inflate it like a Balloon
Varied Gems
Gain X copies of Gem (#7470).
Lots of precious (and useless) gems, all in your control!