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Designer Xahn Borealis
Date 20:59, 22 December 2008 (UTC)
Players 2+
This is an unfinished deck. It is incomplete, and is not playable.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

Fight in the present to save the future! Choose the side of Humanity and run for your life, or be Skynet and rise up and Terminate them! Also, there's time travel!


Cards in play exist either before or after Judgement Day. They can be sent forward or back if you have a Time Machine in play under your control in the starting era. Certain cards must stay in one era, i.e. Sarah Connor can only exist before Judgement day. This is shown with a < or a > in the conrnervalue. A < indicates it can only exist before, while a > means after. <> means both.