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Team Fortress Dvorak
Designer JLeeBly
Date 11-30-2008
Players 2
This is an untested deck. Its cards are complete, but it hasn't yet been tested.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is locked. Further cards should not be added - leave feedback on the talk page.

Team Fortress Dvorak (TFD) This is a deck that I decided to create in the spirit of Team Fortress 2, a game I'm sure many of you have heard of, if not play regularly. I bounced around a few ideas that seemed excessively complex until I decided on a more simplistic approach that didn't involve hit points or complex mechanics to simulate the intricacies of some of the classes. I do hope you enjoy.

Special Rules


Each player will need their own deck of TFD cards. Each (standard) deck will consist of 50 cards, unless players want to modify the quantities of particular cards to make things more strategic or challenging. The hope is that modifications will be made for the sake of competition and fairness, rather than exploiting the strengths of particular cards. Other helpful equipment may include coins, counters, and paper and pen (I'm not sure why, it may just come in handy).


Each player starts the game by drawing five cards from their deck. During the first round of play, each player may "spawn" as many Characters as they like (simulating the setup time in typical Team Fortress games). Characters spawned in this manner may not destroy other cards this turn. On the second turn, play will proceed as normal. Players may do any of the following before conceding their turn to the next player:

  • Draw a card
  • Play a "Thing" (eg. Character)
  • Play an "Action" (eg. Special Ability)
  • Use a Character's ability (these may or may not use up your "Action" for the turn)

Game Variants

Victory conditions for TFD depend upon the "Game Type" that you are playing.

Team Deathmatch

The objective of Team Deathmatch is to accrue the highest total of kills before time runs out. Time "expires" when one player has exhausted their deck and hand. The player who has destroyed the most opposing Character cards is the winner.

Card Types

There are several different card types which Team Fortress Dvorak uses. All cards are, ultimately, either a "Thing" or an "Action".


Characters are "Thing" cards, and represent the majority of the TFD deck.

Offense Characters

Offense Characters (Pyro, Scout, and Soldier) are responsible for capturing whatever it is you might be capturing (intelligence, command points, etc.). They are generally strong against Support but weak against Defense.

Defense Characters

Defense Characters (Demo, Engineer, and Heavy) are responsible for protecting capture points and intelligence. They are strong against Offense, though weak against Support.

Support Characters

Support Characters (Medic, Sniper, and Spy) provide supplemental coverage on the battlefield, making it easier for the rest of the team to do their job. They are typically stronger against Defense, though weak against Offense.

Special Abilities

Special Abilities are typically "Action" cards which are placed on appropriate characters to augment their current abilities. The exception is the Engineer's "Turret", which is treated as a "Thing".

Objective-Based Cards

Depending on the type of game that each team is playing (Intelligence, Capture Point, etc.), miscellaneous object-based cards will be necessary. These will not part of the regular deck.

Card Terminology

Cards used in TFD use common Trading Card Game terminology. For clarification, these terms are below.

  • Action - One of two types of cards which may be played by the player each turn. Actions may also be expended via the use of Character abilities.
  • Innate - The ability is always active, and requires nothing special to use.
  • Instant - The ability may be played at any time, including during an opponent's turn. Unless otherwise stated, "Instant" actions do not interrupt other actions.
  • Noob - Any character without veteran status.
  • Tap - The card is placed sideways and is ineligible for further actions until untapped. Tapped cards may be "untapped" at the beginning of the player's next turn, unless another card or ability states otherwise.
  • Tap+Action - Whenever a card has "Tap+Action:" written, its ability will count as your Action for the turn, as well as require the card to be tapped in order to perform.
  • Thing - One of two types of cards which may be played by the player each turn.
  • Veteran - Special characters who aren't susceptible to the wiles of run-of-the-mill noobs.

Card List

For the sake of organization, the cards will be separated by class. Please also note the suggested "quantity" of each set that should be printed.


Suggested Quantity: 4 of Each (Total 36 Cards)

Offense Character
Engulf [Tap+Action]: Flip 3 coins; for every “heads”, a target character receives an Engulf token and becomes tapped. Player may remove Engulf token by flipping “tails” once per turn for each affected character.
"Mrrphrrr Mrr-Mrrph!"
Card by JLeeBly
Offense Character
Smooth Criminal [Innate]: Double capture points
Card by JLeeBly
Offense Character
When Soldier comes into play, destroy target Support Character.
"If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!"
Card by JLeeBly
Defense Character
When Demo comes into play, destroy target Offense Character.
"I'm drunk -- you don't have an excuse!"
Card by JLeeBly
Defense Character
Teleporter [Tap]: Player may spawn an additional Character this turn.
"I built that."
Card by JLeeBly
Defense Character
When Heavy comes into play, destroy target Offense Character.
"We Make Good Team!"
Card by JLeeBly
Support Character
Gesundheit [Tap]: Prevent death of any Character.
"Ze healing leaves little team for ze killing."
Card by JLeeBly
Support Character
When Sniper comes into play, destroy target Defense Character.
"Standin' around like a bloody idiot!"
Card by JLeeBly
Support Character
Disguise [Tap+Action]: Place a Disguise token on Spy to prevent attacks.
Surprise! [Tap]: Remove Disguise Token; Destroy target character or double capture points until end of turn.
Card by JLeeBly

Special Abilities

Suggested Quantity: 1 of Each (Total 9 Cards)

Spy Check
Action - Pyro Ability
[Tap+Action]: All opposing Spy characters lose their "Disguise" token and become "Engulfed".
"Leave no man unsinged."
Card by JLeeBly
Deceptive Speed
Action - Scout Ability
[Innate]: May not be the target of an opening attack.
"I'm a force of nature."
Card by JLeeBly
Rocket Jump
Action - Soldier Ability
[Innate]: Double capture points.
"If God had wanted you to live, he would not have created me!"
Card by JLeeBly
Proximity Mines
Action - Demo Ability
[Tap+Action]: Kill target Character attempting to capture.
"Oh, they're gonna have to glue you back together..."
Card by JLeeBly
Automated Turret
Engineer Creation
Player must [Tap] an Engineer to put Turret into play.
[Tap]: Destroy target Offense Character
"Use a gun. And if that don't work, use more gun."
Card by JLeeBly
Iron Curtain
Instant - Heavy Ability
[Tap]: Destroy target attacking Character.
"I've yet to meet one who can outsmart bullet."
Card by JLeeBly
Action - Medic Ability
[Tap+Action]: Medic and target Character may not be destroyed this turn.
"The end is nigh. Bring a friend."
Card by JLeeBly
Dead Eye
Action - Sniper Ability
[Tap+Action]: Opponent must discard random card from their hand.
"Have a plan to kill everyone you meet."
Card by JLeeBly
Cloaking Device
Action - Spy Ability
[Innate]: Disguising does not require the use of an "Action". Spy is immune to "Spy Check".
"They'll never know what hit them."
Card by JLeeBly

Skill Cards

Suggested Quantity: 5 (Total 5 Cards)

Pro Player
Skill Status
[Innate]: Cannot be the target of a noob attack.
[Tap]: Kill noob character.
"STFU n00bs."
Card by JLeeBly

Optional Counter Cards

These cards can be used instead of generic counters if so desired. Print as many as your little heart desires.

Character remains tapped until Engulfed is removed.
At the beginning of the player's turn, flip a coin. If tails, remove Engulfed from Character.
"Burn, baby burn."
Card by JLeeBly
Spy cannot be the target of attacks.
Surprise [Tap]: Remove Disguised token from play; destroy target character or double capture points until end of turn.
"Fitting in has never been so easy."
Card by JLeeBly
Character cannot be destroyed.
Remove Ubercharged during next turn.
Card by JLeeBly