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Seth's Monsters
Date 29 May 2010
Players 2
This is an unfinished deck. It is incomplete, and is not playable.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is locked. Further cards should not be added - leave feedback on the talk page.

Note: This was an early draft of the Seth Monster Game. The information here should be ported over, and then this page should be removed.



Each player starts the game with five Monsters in play, which must have a total cornervalue value of less than or equal to 25. (games may be played at other power levels when there are enough cards to support it)


Turns are shared. Each turn contains a Fast phase, a Medium phase and a Slow phase.

During each of the phases, take the following steps: 1)Players privately and simultaneously assign any number of their five Monsters to attack during the Fast Phase. Monsters can only attack here if they have the Fast speed.

2)Players privately and simultaneously may activate and choose targets for any abilities the assigned Monsters have.

3)Players privately and simultaneously assign damage from their assigned Monsters to their opponent's assigned monsters. The damage can target a single Monster or be spread out among them. If a player has no Monsters assigned in the Phase, the damage can target unassigned Monsters.

A Monster normally cannot be assigned to more than one than one Phase per turn.

Monsters' Card Structure

Value: An abstract number representing the card's overall power level. Your cards' total values cannot exceed a preset limit. The Value of a card is in its cornervalue.

Element: The card's damage type. This is always the first item in the type line. The Element has no effect except where some card references it.

Speed: Any non-empty subset of {Fast, Medium, Slow}. This is the set of phases in which the Monster can act. Speed is always the first line of the ruletext.

Damage: How much damage the Monster normally does when it attacks. A card's damage value is labeled as such as such and is typically found on the second line of ruletext.

Health: How much damage a monster can take. If a monster has taken damage greater than or equal to its health, it cannot be assigned to a phase. A monster's health value is labeled as "HP" and is typically found on the second line of ruletext.


You lose if you do not assign any monsters to any phases during their turn. This usually happens if all your monsters have damage greater than or equal to their health. If both players lose at the same time, the game is a tie.


Catgirl Ninja
Physical Humanoid
Damage 2, 9HP
Passive:Catgirl Ninja may be assigned to more than one phase per turn.
Card by Bucky
Barrier Generator
Magical Machine
Damage 1, 13HP
Active:Your Monsters take half damage this phase (rounded up).
Card by Bucky
Healing Monk
Magical Humanoid
Damage 2, 14HP
Active:Remove 1 damage from another of your Monsters; Healing Monk's Damage is reduced by 1 this turn.
Card by Bucky
Poisonous Humanoid
Damage 3, 12HP
Passive: Assassin deals 2 extra damage when it attacks unassigned Monsters.
Card by Bucky
Kiln Salamander
Fire Animal
Damage 2, 10HP
Passive: When Kiln Salamander attacks, it deals extra 1 damage to each of your opponent's assigned non-Fire Monsters.
Card by Bucky
Spitting Serpent
Poisonous Animal
Damage 1, 8HP
Active: Choose an opponent's attacking Monster. It cannot use its Active abilities for the rest of this turn and the next.
Card by Bucky
Physical Humanoid
Damage 2, 4HP
Active: Petardier deals 5 damage to all assigned Monsters.
Passive:When the damage on Petardier first becomes greater than or equal to its HP, it deals 5 damage to all Monsters unless it used an Active ability this turn
Card by Bucky