Potion Factory deck

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Potion Factory deck
Designer Bucky
Date 7/5/13
Players 2-4
This is an untested deck. Its cards are complete, but it hasn't yet been tested.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

Special Rules


The starting deck contains one copy per player of each Common, and one copy of each Rare.

Overflow Rule

When a player discards a card due to maximum hand size, a random opponent chooses and destroys one of their Things.

If they run out of Things before reaching their maximum hand size, they discard twice as many cards as they need to reach their maximum hand size.

The default maximum hand size is 5.

Death Rule

When a player is required to discard a card, but doesn't have any cards in their hand, they lose.

Thrown Potions

Potions are actions. They can have both a main action and a 'Throw' action; when you play a potion, choose which one to use. "Drinking" a potion refers to using the main action.


The effects of Ingredients generally happen before the effects of a potion. If a player has more than one applicable Ingredient, they choose the order to apply them in.

If a player has both Semi-Automatic Catapult and Aerosol Propellant, they may drink a potion without also throwing it.

Card List


Supply Crate
Thing - Equipment
When Supply Crate is destroyed, draw three cards.
Action:Destroy Supply Crate.
Warning: contents may explode when wet.
Busy Hands Tonic
Action - Potion
Draw a card and play up to three Things
Throw - Target opponent plays a Thing or reveals a hand containing no Things and discards a card.
Gas Mask
Thing - Equipment
Your may destroy Gas Mask to ignore the effects of a thrown potion.
In case of emergency, apply to face.
Potion of Halitosis
Action - Potion
Each player discards a random card.
Throw - Target opponent discards a random card.
The rotten garlic is just for show; the chemicals do most of the work.
Molotov Cocktail
Counts as a thrown potion but can't use Ingredients.
Destroy target Thing.
"I can't tell whether your experiment went horribly wrong or horribly right."
Semi-Automatic Catapult
Thing - Equipment
You throw potions as a free action, but can't use Ingredients in thrown potions.
High Pressure Pump
Thing - Equipment
Draw two extra cards at the start of each turn.
Pros: Highest flow rate in the business, very reliable
Cons: No 'off' setting
Brain Bleach
Action - Potion
Discard any number of cards. You may take another Action this turn.
Throw - Target opponent discards two cards.
Meditation Medicine
Action - Potion
Draw cards until you have 3 cards in your hand (minimum draw 1).
Throw - Target opponent discards cards until they have 2 cards in their hand (minimum discard 0).
Aerosol Propellant
Thing - Ingredient
When you play a potion, use both the Drink and Throw effects. The Throw effect happens first.
Also known as Alchemist's Incense
Fuming Cauldron
Thing - Equipment
Once during your turn, you may make all players discard a card.
A combination waste disposal unit and human repellant.
Time Warp Tonic
Action - Potion
Take an extra turn after this one. Skip that turn's draw.
Throw - Target opponent can't play cards on their next turn.
Stress Tonic
Action - Potion
Draw two cards.
Throw - Target opponent draws three cards.
"What's the matter? Can't take the pressure?"
Thing - Ingredient
When you drink a potion, draw a card.
The old classic. It makes any drink more interesting.
Potion of Wild Hunger
Action - Potion
Destroy target Ingredient and discard a card.
Throw - Target opponent destroys all their Ingredients and discards that many cards.
Low Pressure Pump
Thing - Equipment
Action:Each Player draws a card.
An antique model, powered by hand-crank in case of pressure loss.
Potion of Mild Affection
Action - Potion
Give one of your Things to an opponent.
Throw - Target opponent gives you one of their Things.
Barely weak enough to be legal.
Acid Leak
Destroy an Equipment.
Shoddy maintenance or stealthy sabotage; it's hard to tell.
Draw two cards and then end your turn. Skip the Discard step.
Nightshade Extract
Thing - Ingredient
When you throw a potion, the target discards a card.


The Metapotion
Action - Potion
Move a potion from the discard pile to your hand.
Throw - Target opponent reveals their hand. If it contains any potions, force them to discard one of your choice.
The mightiest of all potions. Sniff its fumes and despair.
Madness Mixture
Action - Potion
Discard your hand and draw that many cards plus one. Then take an Action or reveal a hand with no Actions.
Throw - Target opponent reveals their hand. Choose a potion from it; they throw that potion at themselves without using Ingredients.
Fume Hood
Thing - Equipment
If the Overflow Rule would destroy some of your Things, destroy Fume Hood to suspend the Overflow Rule for this turn.
Safety equipment: an alchemist's best friend.
Newt Eyes
Thing - Ingredient
When you throw a potion, reveal a random card from the target's hand.
They keep staring even after you've ground them to powder.
Mind-Reader's Mead
Action - Potion
Name a card. Each opponent reveals their hand. If a player has any copies of the named card in their hand, they discard them and another two cards.
Throw - Target opponent looks at each player's hand and then discards a card.
Storage Tank
Thing - Equipment
Your maximum hand size increases by 1.

If Storage Tank is destroyed by Overflow, your hand size stays increased for the rest of the turn.