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Similar games

1,000 Blank White Cards

Dvorak without the rule structure - more of an exercise in artistry and improvisational humour, with a leaning towards the surreal and the non sequitur. The original game for blank pieces of cardboard, with browseable card archives.


Roll-and-move games built using a similar scribble-it-then-play-it-out system.


Another Nomic card game, playable with a standard deck of playing cards and focusing more on memorised rule creation than writing anything down. Essentially Uno (or Eights, or whatever your local species) with a "make up a new rule when you win a round" addendum. Fun.


Bartok with one extra rule; that all new rules are secret.


The original game of self-amendment, which has proven particularly suitable for online play. provides the original Suber ruleset, as well as links to existing online Nomics and a wide range of relevant material and discussion.

Game engines

A Dvorak game in Apprentice, using the Hitch-Hiker's Guide CCG set


Apprentice is a lo-fi card-game engine for real-time play; despite the graphical drag-and-drop interface, no card art is used.

Although geared by default for Magic: The Gathering, Apprentice's data files are in text format, and by replacing certain files with correctly-formatted equivalents, it can be altered to run any Dvorak CCG set. The one-deck-per-player nature of the engine prevents it being any use for shared-deck Dvorak games, however.


  • Windows 95/98
  • 2MB of hard drive space

Exporting Dvorak decks

Dvorak decks can be exported into Apprentice using the downloadable APPR2CSV utility, by following these steps:

  • Click "Generate Apprentice CSV" in the infobox of a CCG set - this will export the set in an appropriate comma-separated value format.
  • Cut and paste the CSV section into a plain text file called "dvorak.csv".
  • Run appr2csv dvorak.csv from the DOS command line.
  • Make a backup of "cardinfo.dat" from Apprentice's "Sets" subdirectory.
  • Rename the generated "dvorak.dat" to "cardinfo.dat", and move it into the "Sets" directory.
  • Open Apprentice, and your Dvorak CCG set should be loaded in. If you have any corrupted cards, you can attempt to fix the CSV manually, and should leave a comment on the links talk page so that we know there's a problem.

The Gatling Engine

CCG Workshop's Gatling Engine is a card-game engine for real-time play. It supports a variety of games provided by the site, and a "gatlingDevKit" exists for creation of further games. This engine has not yet been tested for Dvorak decks.


  • Windows 2000/XP (Windows 98 may encounter stability issues)
  • 512MB RAM
  • Approximately 80MB hard drive space
  • 56Kbs or higher internet connection, broadband recommended

Generic Collectible Card Game

The GCCG Engine is a card-game engine for real-time play. It's not immediately clear whether it's possible to add new card sets to it.


  • Mac/Linux/Windows. Claims to work on any platform with SDL.


A Dvorak game in Lackey, using the new Time CCG set

CCG engine, not clear if it allows shared-deck games or on-the-fly card creation. Deck creation is based around 'plugin' modules that can be updated as needed.

The wiki now supports Lackey plugin export: just click the appropriate link in the deck page.


  • Mac/Windows.


Thoth is a generic graphical card-game engine, playable real-time or turn-based via email. A couple of Dvorak decks - Time Machine and Mediaeval Warfare - have been formatted for Thoth. Thoth can apparently be used to play creative Dvorak, although this has not been tested.


  • Unknown, other than being Windows-only.

Blank card resources


A site that sells cardstock sheets of blank, micro-perforated cards, in various sizes and styles.


A Dvorak deck in Deck Creator

Deck Creator

The first draft of a Windows-based deck editor from Eyecreate.

A Dvorak card in Magic Set Editor

Magic Set Editor

Magic Set Editor supports the creation and printing of decks. It originally supported only Magic: The Gathering decks, but now can be extended to support a variety of CCGs. It features card backs that can be easily edited by any image editing program, and style markup sheets that can be somewhat easily edited by a text editor.

Dvorak templates for MSE include a plain version and a black version. They're simple templates that can be duplicated if you wish to make one for your particular deck.

For a more complex template, with advanced options to change the look and feel of the cards, there is a Generic template that can be used to create Dvorak decks.

Other game sites


A creative wiki for street games and pervasive games, with rulesets being released under creative commons licences. The site includes a couple of card-based games.