Homestuck booster pack

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Homestuck booster pack
Designer ChippyYYZ
Date 05/02/2020
Players 2+
Although this is an unfinished deck, it is still playable.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is locked. Further cards should not be added - leave feedback on the talk page.

An additional set of cards inspired by the Aspects in Andrew Hussie's modern epic Homestuck. Includes 12 non-canon Hero Titles and 12 Fraymotifs, designed using BladekindEyewear's analyses of Homestuck's systems.
==> Add a little nonsense to your next game of Infinite Dvorak!

#6188 Seer of Void
#6189 Prince of Time
#6190 Heir of Hope
#8010 Maid of Mind
#8011 Page of Blood
#8015 Mage of Light
#8016 Knight of Breath
#8017 Rogue of Life
#8024 Sylph of Heart
#8025 Thief of Doom
#8026 Bard of Space
#8036 Witch of Rage
#8037 Doom/Time: Consumptive Cadence
#8068 Mind/Breath: Judgement Giocoso
#8072 Rage/Light: Finality's Concerto
#8073 Life/Space: Energized Overture
#8074 Heart/Blood: Heartbeat Chorus
#8084 Hope/Void: Miraculous Caesura
#8085 Time/Hope: Clockwork Improvisation
#8086 Breath/Doom: Gale-Wind Counterpoint
#8093 Light/Mind: Melodic Gambit
#8094 Space/Rage: Isolating Scherzo
#8095 Blood/Life: Chains of Crescendo
#8102 Void/Heart: Dissonant Selves

Card List

Seer of Void
Action: If you have no cards in hand, look at the top four cards of the deck and put them back in any order.
Through you, the irrelevant makes itself seen.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Prince of Time
At the end of each opponent's turn, put a Time Counter on Prince of Time if that player did not play an Action and a Thing.
At the end of your turn, you may remove as many Time Counters from Prince of Time as you have opponents plus one. If you do, target opponent skips his or her next turn.
You use wasted seconds to lay waste to entire days.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Heir of Hope
Action: Gain a Token. Its type is the name of target Action card in the discard pile.
Action: This ability has an identical effect to any Action of your choice with the same name as a Token you control.
Through you, lost possibilities present themselves.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Maid of Mind
When Maid of Mind enters play, draw two cards.
Once during your turn, you may discard a card to play an additional Action this turn.
You not only make choices, you create choices.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Page of Blood
When you discard a card, you may put it under Page of Blood instead of into the discard pile.
At the beginning of your turn, if there are at least ten cards under Page of Blood, you gain "Thing: Gain control of target Thing."
Through you, many bonds find a place to anchor themselves.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Mage of Light
When you would draw a card at the beginning of your turn, instead look at the top three cards of the deck, draw one of them, and shuffle the deck. You must play that card this turn if able. Discard it at the end of the turn if you haven't played it.
You see the most essential path.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Knight of Breath
When you discard Knight of Breath, you may put it into play and return target Thing to its controller's hand.
Action: Return Knight of Breath to your hand.
You move as freely as the wind, but with the force to lift anything in your wake.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Rogue of Life
Action: Look at the top card of the deck. If it's a Thing, you may swap it with target Thing. If it's an Action, you may swap it with a random card from target opponent's hand, or with a card from your hand.
Through you, power redistributes itself.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Sylph of Heart
At the beginning of your turn, choose one: If since your last turn you
(a) discarded a card, draw a card.
(b) had a Thing destroyed, return one of them to your hand.
(c) lost control of a Thing, gain control of one of them.
(d) skipped a turn, draw a card and play an extra card this turn.
Through you, the innate soul finds restoration.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Thief of Doom
When a Thing would be destroyed, you may either gain control of that Thing first, or you may have Thief of Doom be destroyed instead (but not both).
You take for yourself the sacrifices of others.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Bard of Space
When this or another Thing enters play, that Thing's controller may target a player and have them discard a card.
Once during your turn, you may discard a card to play an additional Thing this turn.
Through you, creation tears itself apart.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Witch of Rage
When a player plays an Action, you may discard 2 cards, or 1 if it's an opponent, to have them repeat that Action. An opponent's repeated Action can't target you or your Things.
You focus your will, and the wills of others, into an unstoppable vector in the direction that best serves you.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Doom/Time: Consumptive Cadence
Action - Fraymotif
If you haven't played another Action or Thing this turn, remove target Thing from the game and end your turn.
Inexorable progression and sacrifice.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Mind/Breath: Judgement Giocoso
Action - Fraymotif
Look at the top 5 cards of the deck. Put up to two of them into your hand, then put the rest on top of the deck and/or discard pile in any order.
Direction and decision.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Rage/Light: Finality's Concerto
Action - Fraymotif
Reveal the top ten cards of the deck. If any of them could cause you to win the game (even if you do not currently meet their conditions), put those cards into your hand. Otherwise, return this card to your hand. Discard the other revealed cards.
Closed-mindedness and essentiality.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Life/Space: Energized Overture
Action - Fraymotif
For the rest of this turn, you may play three additional Things, and you may play any number of Action Abilities that you haven't already played this turn.
Power and creation.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Heart/Blood: Heartbeat Chorus
Action - Fraymotif
Choose a creator. For each player, gain control of target Thing they control by that creator.
Soul and unifying pacts.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Hope/Void: Miraculous Caesura
Action - Fraymotif
Name a card and search the deck for that card. If you find it, discard your hand and put all Things you control into the discard pile, then put that card into your hand. You may play it.
Belief and obscurity
Card by ChippyYYZ
Time/Hope: Clockwork Improvisation
Action - Fraymotif
Each opponent may choose a Thing they control to be destroyed. Draw three cards, minus one for each Thing destroyed this way.
Decay and possibility.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Breath/Doom: Gale-Wind Counterpoint
Action - Fraymotif
Return target Thing to its controller's hand. Until your next turn, whenever a Thing enters play, its controller destroys a Thing they control.
Detachment and consequences.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Light/Mind: Melodic Gambit
Action - Fraymotif
Look at up to two target opponents' hands and take a card from each. If you take only one card this way, you may draw a card. You may play one of the cards taken or drawn this way.
Agency and calculation.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Space/Rage: Isolating Scherzo
Action - Fraymotif
Each opponent can't draw cards or play Things on their next turn. The next time you play a Thing this turn, you may activate one of its abilities.
Position and restriction.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Blood/Life: Chains of Crescendo
Action - Fraymotif
Return to play under your control each Thing that was destroyed while under your control since your last turn. Draw a card.
Bonds and energy.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Void/Heart: Dissonant Selves
Action - Fraymotif
Put each card in your hand into target opponent's hand. They discard that many cards at random. You control that player during their next turn.
Submission and innate desire.
Card by ChippyYYZ