Everything Vs. Everyone

From Dvorak - A Blank-Card Game
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Everything Vs. Everyone
Designer Edrobot
Date 17/10/2010
Players 2+
This deck has not been categorised.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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(In Progress)

Special Rules

Separate the cards into 3 decks: The normal deck, the Victory Deck, and the Failure Deck. The victory deck contains only "Goal" cards, the Failure deck only contains "Failure" cards. At the beginning of the game, 3 Goal cards (2 if there are only 2 players) and 1 Failure Cards are drawn from the Victory deck.

There are various modes of play:

  • Race: The first player to achieve a Goal wins the game. If a failure is achieved, everybody loses.
  • Marathon: The player who completes the most goals before a Failure occurs wins. There can be no fewer than 1 Failure card in play at any time.

When playing an Ally, the player may choose that Ally's "Class", which is symbolized by a Token or card. An ally can be any one of the Basic Classes with no cost, but you must play the appropriate card to make someone a Prestige Class. Class cannot be changed after being played unless a card says otherwise.

Basic Classes

The "Basic Class" cards are not actually in the deck, these just act as shorthand for players. If you'd like, you can print them out multiple times and use them as tokens.

Front Lines
TAP: Destroy an Ally of the same Level or lower. If the Ally is of the same Level, destroy this card as well.
"Try to Take Over The World!" -The Brain
This card gains +1 * (Sentinels you control) Levels.
This card gains +1 HP token (Maximum HP is Level - 1). Sacrifice the HP token in place of this card if it is destroyed. Cards with 1 Level or less cannot be this class. If this card already uses HP tokens, increase his maximum by his Level - 1.
TAP: Destroy a Thief with the same Level as you or lower.
TAP: Unless he controls a Guard with a Level higher than you, steal an Artifact or Token that your opponent controls.

Card List

The Siege of 2Fort
Players must separate into two equal teams, known as RED and BLU. All Things on the "RED" team have the "RED" Prefix, and all Things on the BLU team have the "BLU" prefix. If one player on a team achieves a goal, all players on that team win. This effect does not apply if there is an odd number of players. Draw an additional goal card.
The Same Thing We Do Every Night, Pinky.
This goal is achieved when one player has 5 more Things on the field than their opponent.
"Try to Take Over The World!" -The Brain
World Tournament
The first player to destroy 10 of his opponent's Allies wins the game.
The SCP Foundation
The first player to have any 6 Artifacts in play at any one time wins.
Murder Mystery
Shuffle 5 "Clue" tokens into the deck. When a "Clue" token is drawn, reveal it to the other players. When all 5 "Clue" tokens are drawn, the player with the most "Clue" tokens wins.
The Wheel of Fate Is Turning
Any card that is destroyed is shuffled back into the deck. The first player to remove "The Black Beast" from the game wins.
Rebel 1! ACTION!
End Of The World As We Know It
Draw an extra failure card. If one player achieves a failure for any reason, only that player loses. When this happens, a new failure card is drawn.
The first player whose allies have a combined Level of 30 or more wins the game.
"Over nine thousand?!" -Nappa
Wacky Racing
Each Player gets one "Racer" token. At the beginning of your turn, you may tap one Ally and gain a number of "Race Points" equal to the Level of the ally you just tapped. The first player to gain 50 Race Points wins the game.
Quest for the Shiny MacGuffins
Give one MacGuffin tolken to each player, and shuffle an additional one into the deck. The first player to collect all 3 MacGuffins wins.
Exactly As Planned
Draw a goal card. If any player acheives this goal, everyone loses.
"Ha, loser. A true tactician doesn't know WHAT the hell he's doing until he's halfway done with it." -Quint
After each player has taken their turn, add a Time counter to this card. Once there are 24 Time counters, everyone loses. This effect can be halted for one turn by sacrificing the highest Level Ally on the field.
"No one can escape time; it delivers us all to the same end. You can't plug your ears and cover your eyes." —Pharos
Zombie Apocalypse
When a Ally is destroyed, that Ally is sent to the "Zombie Pile" instead of the graveyard, and gains the prefix "Zombie". This supersedes all other effects except for The Nameless One's Immortality. A card that can destroy or remove Allys can be used on the Zombie Pile to remove Allys from play. Once the Zombie Pile has a total Power Level of 20, everybody loses.
Canceled Mid-Season
When the deck runs out of cards, everybody loses.
Human Instrumentality Project
If ADAM, any EVA unit, and The Lance Of Longius are on the field at the same time, everybody loses.
Jumped The Shark
Add 2 more Failure cards.
UFO Defense
Every other turn, add a UFO counter to the field. When the number of tokens is greater than the number of Allies on the field, each player must destroy one ally per turn untill balance is restored. If there are no more allies on the field, that player is eliminated.
The King In Yellow
All cards sent to the graveyard are instead removed from play. Once there are no more cards, everybody loses. If someone says "Hastur", the speaker must randomly discard a card from their hand. You cannot win the game by doing this on purpose.
No You Fool! You'll Kill Us All!
If there are 10 or more artifacts on the field, everyone loses.

The Dark Hour
Add Tartarus to the field if it is not already out. The player controlling this card can take an extra turn when there is an odd numbered of Time Counters on Tartarus.
Equip this card to any Ally. An Ally equipping this card can only move every other round, but has his effective Level tripled.
"My legend begins in the 12th century..." -Excalibur
Equip this card to any Ally. An Ally equipping this card has a Level of 1, and any numerical values in the card's effect also become 1.
"Huh!? What the!? Isn't it the strongest sword!?" -Gilgamesh
Once per turn, you may return 1 card that has been removed from play to your hand, or remove one card in the graveyard from play.
"The assembled hordes of Genghis Khan couldn't get through those doors. And believe me, they've tried." -9th Doctor
The H-Bomb Button
TAP: Destroy all of the cards in your zone, plus your entire hand. Only an idiot would ever use this card on purpose.
"Oh no! I just pressed the H-Bomb button!"

"Wait, why do we have an H-Bomb-",

The King In Yellow
Add the Failure card "The King In Yellow" to the field if it is not already out. While this card is out, any effect that involves saying "Hastur" is doubled.
Along the shore the cloud waves break,

The twin suns sink beneath the lake,
The shadows lengthen

In Carcosa.
Law Card
When played, you may ban one action (such as tapping, playing, etc.) by any card (or type of card) that you can name. If any player (including yourself) violates the ban, that player must destroy one of his own cards on the field.
Death Note
TAP: Discard a card from your hand to write the name of any card (even cards that have not been played yet and a condition of some sort on a piece of paper that only the owner is allowed to read. When that condition happens, the card mentioned is destroyed.
If you draw SCP-682, you must play him on that turn. This card cannot be destroyed, removed from play, or sent back into the deck by any means.
Lance of Longius
Reduce the Level of all Evil Allies by 1.
The Black Beast
Ally (Chaotic Evil, Dark)
Destroy all allies on the field, including your own. Unless a goal says otherwise, nobody can win the game as long as this card is on the field.
"Never mistake the Level of the Azure Grimoire as your own." -Rachel Alucard
Axe Cop
Ally (Lawful Good, Human)
Axe Cop gets +1 Level for every Evil character the opponent controls.
One day at the scene of a fire, the cop found the perfect fireman axe. That was the day he became Axe Cop.
Hero Prinny
Ally (True Neutral, Demon, Superhero)
This card counts as having +3 Level when being sacrificed for any effect.
Every life is precious. Except his.
RED Scout
Ally (Chaotic Neutral, Human)
The first time this card is played, shuffle a "BLU Scout" token into the deck. The "BLU Scout" has the same stats and ability as the "RED Scout".

This card can be tapped twice in the same turn.
"Is someone gonna push da freakin' cart?"
RED Soldier
Ally (Lawful Neutral, Human)
The first time this card is played, shuffle a "BLU Soldier" token into the deck. The "BLU Soldier" has the same stats and ability as the "RED Soldier".

TAP: Destroy a card of the same Power Level or lower.
"Last one alive, lock the door!"
RED Engineer
Ally (True Neutral, Human)
The first time this card is played, shuffle a "BLU Engineer" token into the deck. The "BLU Engineer" has the same stats and ability as the "RED Engineer".

This card can create 1 Sentry Token (Max. 1) per turn, which gives +1 Level and can be sacrificed in leu of other cards.
"Teleporter, goin' up!"
RED Heavy
Ally (True Neutral, Human)
The first time this card is played, shuffle a "BLU Heavy" token into the deck. The "BLU Heavy" has the same stats and ability as the "RED Heavy".

This card starts with 1 Hit Point token, which can be sacrificed to negate it's own destruction.
"What sick man sends babies to fight me?"
RED Medic
Ally (True Neutral, Human)
The first time this card is played, shuffle a "BLU Medic" token into the deck. The "BLU Medic" has the same stats and ability as the "RED Medic".

TAP: This card can add 1 HP token to any card that uses HP tokens.
"My skill is VASTED on zis team!"
Ally (True Neutral, Human)
The first time this card is played, shuffle a "BLU Spy" token into the deck. The "BLU Spy" has the same stats and ability as the "RED Spy".

This card counts as having any name at any time, but cannot change it's prefix.
"I was never really on your side..."
RED Demoman
Ally (True Neutral, Human)
TAP: Discard a card from your hand, and force your opponent to discard 2 cards from his hand.
"I had me good eye on ye the whole time!"
RED Sniper
Ally (True Neutral, Human)
TAP: Name a Power Level. If you opponent must discard an Ally of that Power Level from his hand, if he has one.
"I was never really on your side either."
The Amazing Spider-Man
Ally (Chaotic Good, Mutant, Superhero)
TAP: Web up 1 of you opponent's Artifacts or Allies, preventing them from being used this turn.
Dr. Insano
Ally (Chaotic Evil, Human, Supervillan)
At the start of your turn, think of a number between 1 and 10, and have your opponent guess it. If your opponent guesses right, destroy this card. If your opponent guesses wrong, the Level of this card becomes the difference between the guess and the actual number.
"There is no canon. There is only Insano." -The Spoony One
Dr. Doom
Ally (Lawful Evil, Human, Supervillan)
When this card is destroyed, the owner must shout "CURSE YOU, RICHAAAAAAAARRRRRDS!!!"
Dr. McNinja
Ally (Chaotic Good, Human, Superhero)
Dr. McNinja's Level is equal to the number of doctors + the number of ninjas on the field. RED Medics, BLU Medics, and The Doctor do count, and Dr. McNinja only counts himself once. -1 if Batman is on the field.
"You're not a dark and troubled soul. You're a doctor who wants to be Batman."

The King In Yellow
Ally (Unaligned)
This card cannot be played unless another card called "The King In Yellow" is in play, or unless your opponent says "Hastur".
Cassilda: Indeed, it's time. We have all laid aside disguise but you.
Stranger: I wear no mask.
Ally (True Neutral)
This card gets +1 for every Street Fighter character (other than himself) on the field.
"You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance."
Ally (True Neutral)
This card gets +1 for every Street Fighter character (other than himself) on the field.
"Attack me if you dare I will crush you!"
M. Bison
Ally (Lawful Evil)
M. Bison gets +1 Level for every Lawful, non-Good character on his side of the field.
The Nameless One
Ally (???)
If The Nameless One is destroyed or removed from play for any reason, shuffle him back into the deck. Choose The Nameless One's alignment each time he is summoned.
What can change the nature of a man?
Captain Falcon
Ally (Neutral Good)
TAP: Captain Falcon gains +4 Level until the end of this turn. You cannot win the game this way.
Souji Seto
Ally (Lawful Good)
TAP: Look through the deck untill you find an Ally card. Put that card on the field untapped, and discard it at the end of your turn.
Ally (Lawful Neutral)
At the beginning of your turn, flip a coin untill you get Tails. The number of times you get Heads becomes EVA-01's Power Level.
Shinji Ikari
Ally (Lawful Neutral)
Equip to EVA-01 to boost it's Level by +2.
"I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away..."
The Nostalgia Critic
Ally (True Neutral)
The Nostalga Critic's Level is equal to the number of Allies invented before the 90's.
"Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to."
Ally (True Neutral)
TAP: Increase an EVA unit's Level by 1.