Corvak deck

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Corvak deck
Designer Corrigan
Date September 3, 2007
Players 2+
This is an unfinished deck. It is incomplete, and is not playable.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

Special Rules

This game is similar to Infinite Dvorak; there is no theme or fixed win condition. There are a few differences, though.


Whenever a Thing is added, it should be given one or more subtypes. Subtypes are kinds of classification. Examples of subtypes include Robot, Alien, Undead, Abstract, Fighter, Mammal, Machine, Plant, Weapon, Aquatic, Avian, Supernatural, Reptile, Location, Monster, etc. These are added onto the type Thing. For example, Mega Deathbot's Type would be 'Thing-Robot'. Subtypes shouldn't be redundant; if a Thing is a robot, the machine subtype is assumed to be there. The subtype 'Person' should only be used if the person has no other subtypes. Cards may affect specific subtypes if you so wish. There is only one subtype that has an implicit rule: Locations. Whenever a Location is played, and there is a Location in play, the old one must be destroyed. One subtype of note is 'Fictional'. Fictional refers to a Thing that is from a specific copyrighted work of fiction, for example 'Flatcat'. Try keeping the subtypes fairly general.

There are also subtypes of Actions, though these are not as diverse. Aside from normal Actions, there are also Responses and Blitzes. A Response you play directly from your hand on an opponent's turn in response to them doing something. A Blitz you can just play at any time, regardless of whose turn it is. No conditions have to be satisfied for its being played. Things may have Blitz and Response Action abilities. A Thing with a Blitz ability can only use it once per turn cycle.


One type of card that is not exactly a subtype is Magical. Magical includes Magic-Users, Enchantments, Sorceries, Potions, and Spells. Enchantments are Things that are played onto a target Thing and affect that Thing. Sorceries are Things that stay in effect and in play like normal Things. Potions are just like Sorceries, except they have Action abilities. Spells are Actions. You cannot play or control any of the aforementioned Things unless you control a Magic-User. Whenever a magical card, you must declare which one of your Magic-Users is using it.

Card List

The same Action card or ability cannot affect Brainbot twice. Action: Switch hands with an opponent.
It thinks... like a HUMAN!
Card by Corrigan
End of the Line
Remove the draw pile and the discard pile from play. If a player ever has an empty hand and controls no Things, eliminate him/her from the game.
It's all over now.
Card by Corrigan
When you play this card, discard a Thing from your hand. Action: Blank a Thing's text. Action: Destroy a blank Thing. Action: Capture a Thing.
Look out for the giant spider, Frodo!
Card by Corrigan
Hyperjustice Zone
Whenever a player plays a card, all other players draw and play a card too, which count as being played normally. This cycle continues until Hyperjustice Zone is destroyed.
There basically are no more turns.
Card by Corrigan
Put a Stormtrooper token into play. Whenever a Stormtrooper token is destroyed by an opponent, replace it with 2 Stormtrooper tokens. Destroying a Stormtrooper token doesn't count as an Action. Action: Destroy 1 Thing for every 8 Stormtrooper tokens you control and destroy half of your Stormtrooper tokens.
We're outnumbered by incompetents!
Card by Corrigan
Last-Ditch Effort
Play all the cards in your hand. If any of them are Things with Action abilities, they cannot be used until your next turn.
This better work.
Card by Corrigan
As a target, this card counts as 2 Things.
Any player may discard 3 of their cards as an Action on their turn and gain control of Oni.
Action: Destroy 2 Things.
Oni cannot have other cards played onto it.
Card by Corrigan
Raging Bull
Every turn, Raging Bull destroys a Thing. This does not count as an Action.
Action: Raging Bull doesn't destroy a Thing.
Card by Corrigan