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Nehh's Profile

I make cards. Wow. Who would have guessed.

Infinite Dvorak Queue

I also have a lot more ideas for cards than I actually get the chance to implement. Here are some additions that'll be coming up in the near future:

Plague Deluxe
When you play Plague Deluxe, if you control no Things that are not Wheeze tokens return it to your hand and create a Wheeze token. If you control 3 or more Wheeze tokens, you may sacrifice two Wheeze tokens and destroy up to two target Things.
Card by Nehh

Overly Generic Shield
Things cannot be destroyed by Actions.
Card by Nehh

Doombot All Along
Action: Put a copy of this Thing into your hand. Whenever this would be destroyed, you may instead discard a copy of itself from your hand.
Card by Nehh