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Miami Beach Fight
Miami Beach Fight is a fun fighting game with Special Events. Friends, Lovers, Surf Chicks, Random Beach Chicks and Cars can help you.
Not working on it any more, needs testing. I guess some cards are too specific.
Miami Beach Fight - KO by Beach Ball
Miami Beach Fight: KO by Beach Ball is the sequel (Miami Beach Fight isn't even finished yet :? ), with very different gameplay. The characters' stories have developed!
ETA: Not working on it any more, needs just a little tweaking to make it more playable
Miami Beach Fight - Gang Attack
In Miami Beach Fight: Gang Attack you work together with all other players to defeat a gang. Divide your weapons well and balance your ammo!
Fun! Play it!
Miami Beach Fight - Race for Valery
Miami Beach Fight: Race for Valery is a racing game with fun gameplay. Set specials on your car that can benefit you or get you in trouble!
I just wrote a short concept for this, probably won't make the game.
Seducer is a game where you have to seduce and SCORE! with your Soul Mate.
Not tested but you should be able to make it playable by adding your own rules. Completely untested and I wanted to make more cards. Not working on it any more.
3 Some!
In 3 Some! you try to steal your competitors' lovers, set the mood and have a lot of fun!
Completely untested, the actual gameplay (influencing other players) had some issues. Not working on it any more.
No One Lives Forever 3
No One Lives Forever 3 is based on the video game where you have to set traps to stop attackers and attack enemies. I haven't seen a fighting game with a similar concept.
Should be basically playable, missing cards. Not working on it any more.

You can add you ideas to these games.