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I don't have much to say about myself, but visit my thread on Kevan's Rubicon Forum.

My decks so far:

My unfinished ideas (i.e. not even enough to start making cards). BTW, if yall have any ideas about my ideas, feel free to discuss them on my talk page, and don't let my arguing about ideas disuade you. (I just enjoy friendly arguments.)

  • I'd like to make a dungeon building deck. Something like 'Play tile cards onto a grid to build your dungeon. Raid other's dungeons for treasure.'
    • Location cards would be played face-down onto your personal dungeon map to expand your dungeon.
      • Well, now I have two ideas for the dungeon building.
      • It could be done with terrain/hallway/whatever cards that have exits that must match up and have traps/etc. played on top of them, or
      • It could be done with traps/etc. that all count as four-way halls.
      • Personally, I think the second idea is more playable, but the first sounds a little more interesting.
    • Hero figures/cards/tokens could be moved around an enemy dungeon looking for treasure.
    • I don't know how treasure would work though. Treasure cards seem like the best idea, but what would be the incentive to actually play the card, when it's safer in your hand?
    • Traps/creatures/etc. would all be on location cards
    • Equipment could be used to make your hero stronger
  • A Discworld deck would be fun. Perhaps a card version of the game the Discworld deities are always playing.
  • So would an Anime deck. There's plenty of tropes to make cards from. I'm not sure what the goal would be though.
  • A deck where each round, everyone plays a card face down, then flips it once everyone has played. (So there is no play order. Everyone goes simultaneously.) I don't know how to make this work well though, at least not without making the cards too simple.
  • A deck of B-Movie Monsters and B-Movie tropes (somewhat like the show Martin Mystery). I'm not sure what the goal of this one would be either.
  • A space combat deck, although more about the ship vs. ship combat than the Master of Orion deck and the Star Quest deck.
    • I was thinking of a deck with cards like Small Hull, Medium Hull, Orbital Hull, Steel Plating, Nuclear Thermal Generator, MegaWatt Laser Array, etc.
    • Each card would manipulate Energy, Heat, Damage, etc. counters.
      • I think the game would be playable if each card could be limited to three types of counters and no more than 4 or 5 of each at the most. At least one of those types would have to be card specific. The other two would probably be damage and heat, or something similar.
      • I think the following statistics would be important, although several wouldn't be tracked with counters: Delta V, Mass, Fuel, Heat, Damage, Armor, Energy, Crew, Life Support
    • I don't know what a good goal would be though. Maybe something like M:TG's health system (unblocked attacks damage the player).
      • Perhaps each player starts with a base which is what can build and upgrade ships. If the base is destroyed, they can't play any more cards (or at least, not many), but they can still try and win with what they have left.
  • A deck based on Harvest Moon, but all my ideas are too complex at the moment (involving seed counters, heart counters and money counters).
  • A deck based on Psychonauts
  • A deck based on Kingdom Hearts
  • I'd like to separate my Call of Cthulhu deck into a normal deck and a CCG set (like I ended up doing with my Mario deck).
  • A poker-like deck, except the value of the hand is determined by what's written on the cards
    • An example might be something like '+1 for each card of lower number' or something
    • I don't know what attributes the cards would have to build such a deck on though
  • More when I remember what they were...