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I'm John. I've been playing dvorak since about August of 2006. I was bored browsing Wikipedia, and was looking up world records. I saw the world typing record was set on a dvorak keyboard, so I did a Wikipedia search for dvorak, and found this game. I love card games, especially trading card games (At one point I had counted that I knew the rules to 27 different TCGs.), so I was hooked on this one immediately.

JJ12121616's Dvorak Method

There is a method to my madness. This is the method I use to create most of my dvorak decks with friends.

Each player receives 10 blank index cards. If there are only two people, they each receive 15 cards instead. Create the cards in secrecy, not letting other players know anything about your cards.

()()Make close to an equal number of things and actions.

()()No cards may directly reference another card by title or a player by any preexisting characteristics.

(ex, you can't make a card that says Billy loses, all males draw a card, target player wearing glasses discards a card, UNLESS a card gives said characteristic(s).)

()The original cards made may not contain a win condition. This can be waved, but is preferred to be in effect.

All of these are just loose guidelines to make a fun, enjoyable deck that doesn't subtract from game play.

JJ12121616's decks

I have yet to post any of my 10 decks on this site. That is soon to change.