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Foolishly following along. [1]

Bub Quotes

"What he needs is a good ass-whuppun"
"All of them there fuzzy furiners (foreigner) need to back to where God made them."
"What do you mean ya don't drink? Are you funny in the head or something"
"You know what? You're just not right."
"You know what's wrong with this country? ...well besides you"
"It always good to see you I know at least one person who is more messed up than I am."
"Oooh, did I hit that anti bigot button too hard today?"
"Easy there, I wouldn't have to clean up after your heart attack"
"Why don't you just get back up there with the rest of the carpet dwellers"
"You know what they say about opinions, 'yours is stinkier than the rest'"