The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy CCG card set

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Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy CCG
Designer Various
Date 17th March 2002
Players 2+
This is a CCG set, a set of cards which can be used to construct personalised decks, in the style of a collectable card game.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

Plots and plans for a Guide CCG, kicked around on the Dvorak mailing list back in 2002. Note that this is not a normal Dvorak deck, it's a collectible card game - the list of cards here is the base set with which players can build their own decks.

Special Rules

Deck Building

Decks must contain exactly forty-two cards, three of which must be different Goal cards. A deck may not contain more than four copies of the same card.


At the start of the game, each Player should search their deck for a World and their Goal cards, and put them into play.


Goals are completed whenever their owner meets their required conditions - flip them over to show that they have been completed. The first Player to complete all of their Goals wins the game. (Goals are never part of the game area, and cannot be destroyed or otherwise affected.)

Interstellar Travel

World cards may only be played if the Player controls a Ship and a Lifeform to pilot it. Players may only control one World and one Ship - older ones are automatically destroyed.


A card is said to be 'nearby' another if they are both on the same World.

Planetary Destruction

If a World is destroyed, any other copies of that World currently in play are also destroyed. If a Player controls neither a World nor a Ship at any time, all of his or her Lifeforms perish in the vacuum of space.


If a card is marked as "Unique", then only a single copy of that card may be in play at any one time. If multiple copies somehow exist in play, all are destroyed.


Test decks constructed from this CCG set so far:

Card List

The Ultimate Question
Thing - Goal
You must take The Ultimate Answer to Earth and keep it there for five consecutive turns.
Diced Brains
Thing - Goal
You must have Frankie and Benji, the Ultimate Answer and an Earthling.
Beware the Vogons
Thing - Goal
If you are the first player to play a Vogon-related card and keep it in play for six consecutive turns, you win.
People of Earth, Your Attention Please
Thing - Goal
The Vogons must destroy Earth, at your command.
Fiddling Small Change
Thing - Goal
Collect a Triganic Pu.
Share and Enjoy
Thing - Goal
Take three Robotic Lifeforms to the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Complaints Division.
Lifelong Quest
Thing - Goal
You must take Zaphod to Magrathea.
Where's My Towel?
Thing - Goal
You must accomplish your other two Goals while controlling a Towel.
Excitement, Adventure and Really Wild Things
Thing - Goal
You must have visited at least five Worlds, and owned at least five different Ships.
The Obliteration of All Other Life Forms
Thing - Goal
Put a counter on this Goal whenever you are responsible for an opponent's Lifeform's death. You must collect ten of these counters.
Open the Gate
Thing - Goal
All five pieces of the Wikkit Gate must be in play, you must control at least one, and if any other player has the same goal, you must control more pieces than them.
Stavros Mueller Beta
Thing - Goal
You must have Arthur Dent and Earth. Agrajag must be in your discard pile.
Thing - World
Mostly harmless. You may not play Lifeforms here, unless they specify that you can. You may not play Ships unless you have a Lifeform with a Towel.
Thing - World
Action: Destroy a Krikkit Robot you control, to destroy a World.
Thing - World
Thing - World
Action: And so the universe ends. Destroy all Things - this destruction cannot be avoided.
Thing - World
Any non-Vogon, non-Robot Lifeforms stuck on Vogsphere without a Ship are killed by its noxious vapours.
Thing - World
Magrathea cannot be played normally, or as a starting World; only by a card that puts a World into play.
Action: Search your draw pile for a World, and put it into your hand.
Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Complaints Division
Thing - World
If a Robot Lifeform is destroyed while at the SCCCD, return it instead to its controller's hand.
Thing - World
Play only if you lack a Ship. Choose any World you like; treat this card as a copy of that World, but without any of its abilities or restrictions.
Frogstar World B
Thing - World
If you control three or more Frogstar Robots, you may play this card into the control of an opponent.
The Cathedral of Chalesm
Thing - World
If every other player has achieved at least one of their Goals, and you have achieved none, you may mark one of your goals as completed.
University of Maximegalon
Thing - World
Action: Draw a card.
Thing - World
Put X counters on Bethselamin when you arrive on it, where X is the number of non-World Things you control. If you control more or fewer non-World Things than counters on this card, then World cards may not be put into play under your control.
Heart of Gold
Thing - Unique Ship
Action: Keep drawing and revealing cards until you've drawn a World, discarding the rest. Put that World into play.
Vogon Constructor Fleet
Thing - Ship
Action: If you control a Vogon, you may destroy the World that you're currently on.
Disaster Area Stunt Ship
Thing - Ship
Requires no pilot, but you may not play Worlds normally.
Action: Draw and reveal a card; if it's a World, put it into play. If not, discard it.
Thing - Ship
When B-Ark comes into play, you may search your draw pile for a World. Whenever you arrive at a new World, destroy B-Ark.
Vogon Command Ship
Thing - Ship
You may control any number of Ships.
Vogon Attack Ship
Thing - Ship
Action: If you control a Vogon, you may destroy a nearby Ship.
Thing - Ship
The Bistromath can be piloted by any Lifeforms, but requires at least three of them.
Arcturan Megafreighter
Thing - Ship
Skip the discard phase at the end of your turns.
Grebulon Reconnaissance Ship
Thing - Ship
Grebulon Reconnaissance Ship may not be the target of any cards or abilities.
Derelict Liner
Thing - Ship
You may only play World cards if you control Lemon-Soaked Paper Napkins.
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
Action - Drink
Target Player immediately plays their entire hand. If any card may not be played, it is discarded.
Jynnan Tonnyx
Action - Drink
A chosen Player draws a card, then discards one at random.
Old Janx Spirit
Action - Drink
A chosen opponent discards a card at random, then puts this card into their hand. ("Once you started to lose you would probably keep losing because one of the effects of Janx Spirit is to depress telepsychic power.")
Action - Drink
Sit down. Relax. Don't panic. Draw three cards.
Nutrimatic Machine
Thing - Robot Lifeform
The Machine cannot pilot Ships.
Action: Name a Drink. A random opponent searches your draw pile for any Drink other than the one you named (if any are there), and puts it into your hand. Share and Enjoy.
Arthur Dent
Thing - Unique Lifeform
Earthling; play only on Earth. Arthur cannot pilot Ships.
Action: Draw one card and play it. If it may not be played, discard it.
Tricia McMillan
Thing - Unique Lifeform
Earthling; play only on Earth.
Frankie and Benji
Thing - Unique Lifeform
Frankie and Benji cannot pilot Ships.
Wowbagger The Infinitely Prolonged
Thing - Unique Lifeform
Ignore any effects which would destroy Wowbagger. If a card requires a Lifeform to be destroyed to have an effect, it may not destroy Wowbagger.
Thing - Unique Lifeform
When Agrajag comes into play, a chosen opponent must discard 'x' cards, where 'x' is the number of Lifeforms in your discard pile.
Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Thing - Lifeform
Play only on Traal. The Beast cannot pilot Ships.
Action: Destroy a nearby Lifeform, unless it has a Towel.
Thing - Unique Robot Lifeform
Mind-taxing time. If a card (other than a Goal) requires the presence a specific Lifeform, you can use Marvin to do the job. If you do, return him to your hand at the end of the turn.
Zaphod Beeblebrox
Thing - Unique Lifeform
Action: Gain control of a nearby Ship.
Thing - Lifeform
Dolphins may be played on Earth. If Earth is destroyed, you may search your draw pile for a World and put it into play.
Ford Prefect
Thing - Unique Lifeform
Ford may be played on Earth. When Ford comes into play, you may search your draw pile for a Towel and play it onto him.
Telephone Sanitisers
Thing - Lifeform
The Sanitisers cannot pilot Ships. When they leave a World, for any reason, destroy any remaining copies of that World at the end of your next turn.
Thing - Lifeform
Any Player may take an Action to replace this card with a non-World Thing from their hand, even if this breaks the Uniqueness rule. (That Thing retains this ability.)
Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz
Thing - Unique Vogon Lifeform
Play only on Vogsphere.
Frogstar Scout Robot Class D
Thing - Robot Lifeform
Whenever a nearby Player is responsible for destroying a Robot, the Scout Robot may destroy any number of their non-World Things.
Krikkit Robot
Thing - Robot Lifeform
Play only on Krikkit.
Action: Destroy all nearby Lifeforms which aren't Krikkit Robots.
Action: Destroy Krikkit Robot to take control of a nearby segment of the Wikkit Gate.
Gag Halfrunt
Thing - Unique Lifeform
Action: A chosen Lifeform is just zis guy, you know? They can't use their Action-abilities until the start of your next turn.
Frogstar Scout Robot Class A
Thing - Robot Lifeform
If the only Lifeforms you control are Class A Scout Robots, you may travel without a Ship.
Thing - Lifeform
May be played under any player's control. May not pilot ships. Nearby opponents may treat your ship as if they controlled it.
Blagulon Galactic Police
Thing - Lifeform
Opponents' Ships may not leave your current World. It isn't easy being a cop.
Thing - Unique Lifeform
Action: A chosen opponent must put a World from their hand into play under your control, or reveal their hand to show that they have no Worlds.
Vogon Guard
Thing - Vogon Lifeform
If you control no Vogon ships, Vogon Guard is destroyed.
Action: Destroy a nearby Lifeform.
Perfectly Normal Beast
Thing - Lifeform
The Perfectly Normal Beast cannot pilot ships.
Action: Play a World card, unless you control more non-Beast Lifeforms than Beasts.
Dish of the Day
Thing - Lifeform
If Dish of the Day is destroyed, you may draw two cards.
Thing - Lifeform
Action: Search your deck for a copy of this card and put it into play.
Thing - Lifeform
Action: Return a nearby card to its controller's hand.
Thing - Robot Lifeform
You may discard a card to prevent a Ship you control from being destroyed.
Thing - Lifeform
Zem cannot pilot Ships. When Zem is destroyed, draw a card.
Thing - Lifeform
A Hooloovoo cannot be targetted by Actions or abilities, or have Things played onto it. If you control no other non-World things, destroy Hooloovoo.
Hyperspace Bypass
Any Player may, as an Action, search their draw pile for a World.
Play onto a Lifeform.
S.E.P. Field
Play onto a non-World Thing - that Thing may not be directly targetted by Actions.
Terrible Pain in the Diodes
Play onto a Robot - that Robot may not use its Actions, nor pilot Ships.
Joo Janta Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses
Play onto a Lifeform - you may prevent any opponent's Action that would affect that Lifeform, but not twice in a row. The prevented Action, if a card, is returned to the opponent's hand.
The Ultimate Answer
You may only play The Ultimate Answer if you control Deep Thought or a Scrabble Board.
Triganic Ningi
A triangular rubber coin six thousand eight hundred miles along each side. You may have any number of Ningis in your deck.
Triganic Pu
You may only play the Pu if you control six Triganic Ningis. Upon doing so, destroy the Ningis.
Scrabble Board
Action: Draw a card. If it is the Ultimate Answer, put it into play - otherwise, discard it.
Babel Fish
Action: Reveal your hand to a Player, and look at that Player's hand.
Deep Thought
Action: Remove five counters from Deep Thought to search your draw pile for a card and put it into your hand.
Action: Put a counter on Deep Thought.
The Guide
Action: You may look through any Player's draw pile, or at any Player's hand.
The Poetry of P.N.M. Jennings
May only be played on Earth.
Action: Return a Lifeform or Publisher to its controller's hand.
My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles
Action: If you control a Vogon, you may return a Lifeform or Publisher to its controller's hand.
Planetary Defence System
Destroy any Ship which travels to the World that you're currently on. When a Ship is destroyed in this way, or when you leave this World, destroy Planetary Defence System.
Whole Sort of General Mish-Mash
Different players may have copies of the same unique Thing in play, although a single player may not.
Point-of-View Gun
Action: Swap your hand with that of another player.
The Steel Pillar of Strength and Power
Thing - Unique Wikkit Gate
When a robot comes into play, you may return the Silver Bail to your draw pile to return the robot to its players' draw pile (both piles are shuffled).
The Wooden Pillar of Nature and Spirituality
Thing - Unique Wikkit Gate
Action: Discard any Pillar. Look through another player's draw pile, and if they control any of a segment of the Wikkit Gate, Krikkit, or a Krikkit robot, move one such to your hand. They shuffle afterwards.
The Perspex Pillar of Science and Reason
Thing - Unique Wikkit Gate
Action: Look at the top three cards of your draw pile, discard any you choose, and replace the rest in any order.
The Golden Bail of Prosperity
Thing - Unique Wikkit Gate
When a Ship comes into play, you may return the Golden Bail to your draw pile to return the Ship to its players' draw pile (both piles are shuffled).
The Silver Bail of Peace
Thing - Unique Wikkit Gate
When any Thing is removed from play, you may return the Silver Bail to your draw pile to cancel the effect (shuffle afterwards).
Infinidim Enterprises
Thing - Publisher
Draw a card when you play Infinidim Enterprises.
Action: Destroy a Publisher. While Infinidem Enterprises is in play, the Guide also counts as a Robot Lifeform.
Megadodo Publications
Thing - Publisher
Draw a card when you play Megadodo Publications.
Action: Destroy a copy of the Guide controlled by a player who does not control a Publisher.
Buffered Analgesic
Play in immediate response to a Drink, to negate its effects.
Brockian Ultra-Cricket
Destroy a non-World Thing. Its controller may then destroy a non-World Thing you control. Apologise to each other.
Don't Panic
Play in immediate response to an opponent's Action that affects a Lifeform you control. Draw three cards.
Disaster Area Sundive Tour
Destroy any World in play. Any Players who were on that World may draw two cards.
Total Perspective Vortex
A Lifeform you control enters the Vortex, and is destroyed. Before their brain is annihilated, you may look at every opponent's hand, and search through every draw pile.
Infinite Improbability Field
Each Player may search their deck for a card, and put it into their hand.
Sub-Etha Device
Keep drawing and revealing cards until you've drawn a Ship, discarding the rest. Do the same for a Lifeform. Put them both into play.
Eddies in the Space-Time Continuum
Play a World from your hand into the control of any Player.
Presidential Speech
Choose a Player - his or her Lifeforms may not use their Actions, nor pilot Ships, until the start of your next turn.
Marvinist Philosophy
Destroy a Robot, other than Marvin himself.
Collapsing Hrung
Randomly select a World from those in play. Destroy it.
The First Team To Win Shall Win
Take a random card into your hand, from the hand of a player with less cards in hand than you.
A New Meaning To the Word 'Trilogy'
Everyone with three or four cards in hand (after you play this card) draws up to a hand of five cards.
Nuclear Encounter Therapy
Discard a Ship or World in your hand, or destroy a Ship or World you control. Choose another player, who must do the same; if they cannot, they must show you their hand.