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Archived comments from the original site

Dear friends, I have tried and enjoed this deck (and perused some other ones as well). I have two doubts: 1) when the Ministry of Peace or the Doomsday Device are in play, are they supposed to work also if they are the target of the destroying? If not, they seem pretty useless. If so, it would lead to the unclear situation of a card effect taking place after the card is destroyed. 2) If a player plays "Defcon One" while controlling the Black Mesa Research Facility is he allowed to draw an infinite number of cards (i.e., all the available ones)? --DaG, 13.1.03

1) The latter. It all happens simultaneously. 2) Oh dear. I'll change it to "Action cards". --Kevan, 14.1.03

Also, maybe it's just me, but the color scheme of Things and Actions on this page makes it really hard to tell them apart. --X, 14.1.03

After Tycho Base is in play, is nearly impossible to beat his controller, and i've seen that it's too easy to win. I would remove Channel Tunnel (this way Paris and London are good just to suceed with European Union) --Razor, 9.3.03

Wins almost always happen suddenly. Players usually hang on to a goal card until it's in their favor; then a card like Disputed Territory or Rebuilding can pull in the necessary locations. That's not always a bad thing: The alternative is an extremely long game, like one I played wherein the Doomsday Device blew up twice. --Breadman, 27.6.03

i think that Doomsday Device and Early Warning System should count as objects, not locations --Lupusam, 25.6.04

Awesome! and the Black Mesa card made me smile :) --Jesus, 25.7.04

My friends and I have been considering extra cards, with several U.S. cities. We also claim that World Domination should read, "If a player controls seven or more locations, that player wins the game." The second clause should be moved to a new Supervillain card: "If a player controls at least one location, and no other player controls any locations, that player wins the game." (Making Doomsday Device / Nuclear Bunker a powerful combination indeed.) --Breadman, 17.9.04

Ministries cout as locations? And, just to be polished... mark which places are 'Europe', 'America', etc. If you start making US cities, why not the rest of America too? So you can put a objective, "FTAA", that works just like European Union -- but with our continent. --Kobayen, 24.2.05

This is the best deck on the site. My friends and I have played it and loved it on and off for 3 years now. I also like how it requires a little real world knowledge to play, makes me feel smart :). We also have an in-joke about the UN building and how we all hate it. The problem with it is that it can be extremely plodding. I like that there are more ways to win that just 1 (like in a lot of decks), however I don't like the specific ways to win: +Return of the Saucer People, Channel Tunnel, and XXXX should go. It's too specific and hard to collect two specific locations. Cute idea, but it doesn't work. The goals should be more general: European union is good (although I'd decrease the number of needed countries to 3, to speed things up). Another solution to the "cute idea" problem might be to increase the number of cards that let you pick specific locations like Disputed Territory, Rebuilding, Governmental Bribery, and Military Coup. Millenium bug should let players redraw 2 - 3 cards because it's just too slow to build up after getting wiped out. Oh, and there should be a New York. --Kousu, 7.3.05

I like Channel Tunnel but if you think it is too strong might I suggest changing it to say "If you control London and an opponent controls France that opponent loses the game." I'm not really sure how it works around here yet, but is general commenting without constructive criticism or addition suggestions frowned upon? After a quick read I think this embodies everything I love about Risk that could be embodied in a card game. This is one of the decks I show people when I introduce them to Dvorak because it has so much potential for player conflict and competitive grudges as well as an idea that is popular subject of ponder as well as malleability towards diverse playing styles. Only other wish is that some locations be sub-typed as locations and maybe I need to brush up on my geography and world history but maybe the flavor text could be a helpful hint and serve as a reminder which locations are adjacent (or related to) other locations to assist less worldly people such as myself in remembering the win condition cards. But even if it is not ever touched again it is very well polished. Aetherknight 10:26, 1 January 2009 (UTC)