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One of my house rules for this deck is a 'voting points' system. During the 'vote' phase, each player picks up one Market Share, and gives it to the player he/she is voting for. The person who collects the most votes gets to take an amount of Market Share equal to the amount of cards in his/her winning Headline from eligible players or the bank. If there is a tie, each tied player takes an amount of market share equal to the amount of cards in his/her Headline divided by the width of the tie (round up). So if two players tie, one with a 5-card Headline, and one with a 4-card Headline, the 5-carder gets 3 Market Share and the 4-carder gets 2. This is in addition to the Voting Share earned. This means you need a lot of Market Share, but it also means that Headlines that are funny, but not the best one that round, also get Market Share, which is more like what happens on the supermarket shelves. --David C 05:16, 12 February 2007 (UTC)

Archived comments from the original site

A nice funny deck. An alternate method of scoring would be to increase the number of shares and give one share for each card in the winning headline, to compensate for that not-so-full-of-cards feeling. --Zarba, 10.3.02

Brevity can be the soul of wit, though. ELVIS SCOTTISH! --Kevan, 17.3.02


The funniest deck I've seen. "Nightmare in arrested UFO with dangerous hampster wife of MP. --Ryan, 20.8.02

Sounds like this one game I remember called "The Headlines Game", only in that game the headlines had to fit a category selected at random from a deck and four initial letters selected at random. So for example if the category was "Politicians" and the letters were "BHVN" then the headline could be "Bush: 'Hawk Viagra? Never!'" --Ed Kolis, 26.9.02

Funny Stuff! "Murderer denies being naked with terrorist" (PS: Kevan your site is so funny. Add more links!" --Dakara the Shadow, 5.4.03

One thing, though: This deck seems disproportionately slanted towards British. For Americans, I would suggest replacement of cards like MP, footballer, and vicar with Congressman, athlete, and minister. Scottish ought to stay, though. It's just funny. --Twenty8, 7.7.03

lol XD roflmao "Naked drug-addict killed by gorilla unmasked as Elvis" --Zowayix, 28.11.04

"Lesbian Teenager Killed By Romp With Hamster" hehe --Uber, 1.5.05

Minicards? and Great_Tabloid_Headlines

1) It's kinda annoying scrolling all the way down this page to see all of the cards. Can they be "minicard = true"'d as in Template:Card?

2) I have created Great_Tabloid_Headlines. May it be linked here?

--David C 17:15, 18 February 2007 (UTC)