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Archived comments from the original site

A fun card... Sic 'em, Fluffy!/A/If you control Fluffy White Cat, target opponent discards one card of his/her choice. --Adam, 27.8.02

Hey, guys. Remember me? Can I ask that I get on the list of creators, since I, you know, helped to create this game? My friends and I still play it at school ocassionally. --McGravin, 18.10.02

Mm, I wasn't sure exactly who had worked on it, when I pulled it out of the Dvorak Engine - I did ask on the mailing list at the time if I'd forgotten anyone. Enjoy your credit. And say if you've honed the deck any more, since... --Kevan, 18.10.02

Yep, geocities is still doing popups.... Anyway, this seems like a good deck to combine with the superheroes deck, though you'd obviously have to change the card verbage here and there.... --Mike Dugan, 24.11.02

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo --nougat, 12.2.03

1 --man, 12.2.03

Okay... I see a drastic lack of cards marked "Staff" for all of the card effects that involve Staff to target... what am I missing? --Nev the Deranged, 12.3.03

Card subtypes don't get shown in this view; only in the printable output, or the MUSHcode. I was going to change this last year, I think, but didn't. Hmm. --Kevan, 13.3.03

I think the ones with green headers are staff, very cool deck, if you changed them a tiny bit could work well _against_ the superhero deck --Lupusam, 12.6.04

Needs more Staff cards and certain actions should have one or two duplicates maybe --Meefman, 30.10.04

plaese give me some card --ali ahmad, 11.11.04

Im working on converting this game into MTG size trading cards with pictures. --Jimmy J., 14.10.05