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Archived comments from the original site

A particularly solid game, this one, despite a bit of fuzziness around the edges. The creative construction comes across as finely as the ruthless destruction. --Kevan, 28.2.02

I always thought BattleBots was something of a pansy show. I remember the old Olympics of the Mind where they had real robot battles, with actual programmed robots instead of those souped up remote control cars. But the best ones were the Survival Research Institute ones.. they built mechs, Battletech style, with rocket propelled railroad spikes and flamethrowers and stuff. That ruled. Bolt "Eat Man" Crank --Nev, 29.4.02

i want to study robotic please guide me --ehsan rezaie, 4.1.03

I have just played this and I have to say that it is great but needs more engines and hazards --SilverY2K, 4.2.03

Additional engines: Mousetrap, wind-up (max three normal turns in a row). Additional hazards: spike strip, motion-detecting missile launcher, obstacle (attacks and evasions might be less effective). --Breadman, 17.7.03

i definately like the sound of obstacle, i think it should subtract 2 from every attack role anyone makes. needs more ranged weapons though, how about spike launcher (3): action: make a ranged attack on a component. if it succeeds, make another ranged attack on a different component, repeat until you fail to destroy a component. --Lupusam, 12.6.04

Awesome deck; does a good job of cardboardizing (yes, I just coined a new term) the show (which I happen to love). An idea would be to make a few more cards and create a CCG system, having games with several players at once. Also, another idea: "Self-Destruct Module (2) (Internal) Destroy all Components you control and all Components a single opponent controls. If the Module is ever destroyed, automatically destroy all Components you control." You likey? --CK, 18.8.04

Robot Destruction

Uhh...question. I probably missed this somewhere, but how is a robot destroyed? I'm assuming that you have to destroy all the components? Also, general Dvorak question...for a card which requires a random selection (i.e. house robot) how do you determine this? --Brad soup 00:12, 26 May 2007 (BST)

Yes, destroying a robot is destroying all of its components. Random selection can be performed however you like - if you're talking about the Dvorak MUSH, I think there are dice objects on there that can be rolled for any number of sides. --Kevan 18:49, 26 May 2007 (BST)