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Archived comments from the original site

This is a very cool idea, but I think other winning cards could be added. With only kingdom comes to geive you a hold on victory, this game looks to be a bit slow. I would add a card the lets you win based on units or structures as well. But that's just me.... --MajinJoe, 19.5.02

Already there - "Storming the Castle". --Stephen, 19.5.02

Yeah, so i printed this out and added an extra card: dragon (i like dragons!)... you pay one gold to kill one of theirs and it cannot be destroyed by non missile units. It's just so there is a real power unit (I like dragons!) that only one person can have... --Centipeed, 21.7.02

Jabberwock does pretty well as a monster power card. Like the non-missile rule, though. --Foom, 30.7.02

i like dragons, but i think it should be more like: Dragon (unit): pay ten gold to destroy 3 enemy units, or pay ten gold to destroy a construct, or pay ten gold to destroy a dragon, cannot be destroyed by non missile units --Lupusam, 12.6.04

Decent idea, I especially like the 'Renaissance' card. Only specific idea I have (without playing it) would be to add a small feature to 'Espionage' as so: "Take a random card from an opponent. If you control Spies, you may choose which card you take instead." Only 2 winning cards does seem too few (I'd only add 1 more if any), but I can't say for sure without playing it. On a side note, this comment system could really use some line breaks :/ --Twinge, 28.3.05

Black Death and Renaissance

Not quite sure whether these are played against a specific player, or effect all players like Prosperity and Recession. If so, would the phrase "each players turn" be more appropriate.Leutha 18:55, 8 February 2010 (UTC)