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Archived comments from the original site

Would this be inspired by the Saturday Night Live sketch? --X, 6.9.03

Just the name :-) --Edy, 6.9.03

Shouldn't Mr. Personality, Platinum Card, Third Wheel, and maybe A Round on the House be Things? --SuentisPo, 7.9.03

perhaps. Had not tried it that way, have you? Do you think it plays better like that? --Edy, 9.9.03

The first one to draw the "Let's go" card can just keep it until he wins, or a Swooping In comes 'round... If you have both, you can't lose. Maybe it plays better if you add 'This card must be played in the turn it is drawn', forcing you to discard it when you don't have enough points yet. --Dion, 10.9.03

I understand what you are saying. With all of the other actions that can reduce points or eliminate a stack, though, that seems tough. Maybe if I did (a) one more "swooping In" card? or (b) a card that when played, forces your opponent to discard his entire hand and draw the same number of new cards? Does that seem like a possible solution? --Edy, 11.9.03

jblj;bjb;jlb;n;ljb;;bn;l; --Bryan, 27.9.03

Bryan, you're an inspiration to us all. --Nairb One, 3.11.03

lol --bradsoup, 26.9.05