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Archived comments from the original site

Unexpectedly playable with three players and a one-card draw pile - the taking of card-hoarding to an interesting extreme, with any Action you play likely to be drawn immediately by an opponent. --Kevan, 14.2.02

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimbel in the wabe. All mimsy were the borogroves, and the mome raths outgrabe." Little do most people know, that rhyme contains a formula by which the tenuous membrane betwixt the third and fourth dimensions may be breached temporarily. Learn something new every day, don't you - Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson --Nev, 29.4.02

Very enjoyable exercise in minimalism. Extremely playable and loads of fun! --JT Thomas, 7.5.02

If you print out the game twice but make sure you only have one Jabberwock in the deck, then it's a perfect game. You can also play it with 6 people then, really cool. The concept is also cool, just a weard party game with some nasty tactics..... good job --Sharkey64, 27.5.03

I love that poem... nice game --tropicalpenguin, 9.3.04

since most of the cards require the Jabberwock to be in play, i think that there should be 3 jabberwocks, 2 of every other card and only 1 O Frabjous Day in a deck --Lupusam, 12.6.04

That's a real funny game. We've played it a whole evening. But it was much better, when we decided to give the Jabberwock an additional Action: Draw a card from another player. --Johannes, 5.9.04

NEV, was that a "Mimsy Were the Borogoves" by: lewis padgett reference? (great short story) --grasshopper420, 6.10.04

This deck is well made and requires cunning tactics! I want to gather some of my friends and play it all day! Snicker-snack! --Meefman, 10.10.04

Looks like a good game. The story that Nev and the grasshoper are referring to is an excellent one as well. --Ascii King, 19.11.04

I would suggest the following cards: 1) Thing - Slithy Toves - Action: Cause one player to miss their next action. May only be used every other turn. 2) Thing - Wabe - Slithy Toves may not perform an action while the Wabe is in play. 3) Action - 'Twas Brillig - If the Slithy Toves are in play, you may steal them and put them in your hand. --Ascii King, 19.11.04

Ahhh.. Jabberwocky.. What a very cool game this is.. I played it with my two sons and they liked it, but were totally hooked on it when I made them read the actual poem! I Just wanted to mention that I have taken the Jabberwocky deck and made it a little prettier(complete with pictures and Colors!) Just send me an email at if you want a copy. The Deck was created in the microsoft Powerpoint program so you'll need that or the powerpoint viewer (easily found and downloaded) to print it out.. Great Game!! --GameBrain42, 27.6.05

Just to clarify.. I made no changes to the game other than making it a little more asthetically pleasing. All the cards still do the same thing, they just have pics now! YAY! --GameBrain42, 27.6.05

it's actually "jaws that SNATCH" please get it right --nerd, 17.9.05

No it's not. --Kevan, 24.9.05