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Statistics of cards 1-100
Actions: 36
Things: 63
Other cards: 1
Victory conditions: 9
Elimination conditions: 2
Cards with cornervalues: 25
Cards borrowed from other Dvorak decks: 4

Statistics compiled by Bucky.

Number of cards by creator

  • Bucky: 30
  • Kevan: 20
  • Zaratustra: 18
  • Kazz: 11
  • Depressi: 9
  • jtwe: 7
  • Tyrethali: 2
  • The T: 1
  • No creator: 2

List of cards not supported by DvorakMUSH

Customs Board, Pet, Generic Elves, Shovel, Hash Sorting, Rag and Bone Cart, Pocket Universe, Mortar and Pestle, That Other Card Game, Numbers are reality, Branch Statement, I Hate This Card, The Last Card, 4C, Zeeky H. Bomb, Vwls r ovrrtd. (16 cards)

You forgot Katamari. Luigi-Wan Kenobi 23:18, 21 November 2008 (UTC)

Novel Concepts

  • Creation and manipulation of Tokens
  • Things that count as players (Pet)
  • Icehouse-like relative positioning of cards (Llanowar Elves, Asteroids, Zeeky H. Bomb)
  • Response Actions - Actions that can be played in response to an event (Gotcha)
  • Cards' title text matters
  • Gold-colored cards
  • Typeless card that can't be played (Red Herring)