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Archived comments from the original site

Just to clarify things, all occurrences of the word Body ought to be replaced with the word Torso. --Twenty8, 17.10.03

Other than when it's followed by Part, of course. --Twenty8, 17.10.03

I'm confused about the Metal Arm & Leg. Do they count towards victory via Lightning Strike or not? What is the relevance of their being Equipment rather than Body Parts? Also, is there any functional difference between Rotting Torso and Bony Torso, or is that just color? --Joe Strout, 10.3.04

OK, I think I see the point of the metal arm & leg (they're affected by different "Destroy" cards). Still curious about the Rotting vs. Bony Torso, though. --Joe Strout, 12.3.04

All right, I can see nobody's going to respond here. But for the record, I now believe that Rotting vs. Bony Torso (and several others, such as Skeletal vs. Broken Arm) is just color and has no impact on the game. --Joe Strout, 15.3.04

Played two games last night. One was very quick, the other dragged on too long as we kept destroying each other's body parts. Fewer ways to do that might improve things by keeping the game moving forward. --Joe Strout, 15.3.04

A third game ran for over an hour, with no end in sight (we'd recycled the deck five or six times by that point), before we gave up and called it a draw. I would suggest moving most of the "destroy body part(s)" cards, which set the game back and keep it from ever ending once players get the hang of it. --Joe Strout, 22.3.04

My experience was similar to Joe's. I've played two games with this deck (modification: no Farewell to Arms, and no I was very Drunk). In the first, we had three players, and we ended up adding more body part cards until we finally had a winner. In the second, with four players, we abandoned the game (as we didn't have any index cards with which to alter the deck). I suggest adjusting the body part cards until there are not quite enough of each part for each player (i.e. for a 4-player game, put 3 heads and 6 or 7 arms, etc. in the deck). Other suggestions: Add another card or two that allows players to destroy equipment, and add a card that allows annoying actions to be removed (perhaps Drain (or Map) the Moors: Destroy Three of Your Own Staff to Remove "Lost on the Moors" from the Game). --Bernard, 29.12.04