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Archived comments from the original site

The deck has only been played once (and that was only 2 players so there are not enough weapon cards). As a result it is unfinished. Their are a number of things to tweak. How armour works, determining if attacks hit when the AV is greater than or equal to, rather than just greater than defender's AV. Weapon damage, ideas for ammo and such like. I'd like to replace all the Playing the Game cards with unique actions. --Alistair, 30.3.02

Looks like an interesting, if unfinished game. What no respawn camping or telefragging? *tut tut* --DjArcas, 5.4.02

Telfragging is one I'ev been thinking of. How about turing the spare AV6 cards into "Teleport (Action): +3AV to any action you take this turn. If another player plays a teleport before your next turn then you are killed and that player gets a frag." As for spawn-camping. EVILLLLLLLLLLL. Begone from this place. Yuck, yuck horrid. Etc, etc. --Alistair Hutton, 15.4.02

A card game where you can gun down opponents is cool, I will advertise it. Expect more people soon! E-mail me to get ideas (I make card games). --Ryan, 22.5.02

Well the idea is great-I'd like to see an example of play. But great idea. --Grunt, 27.9.02 on the cards would be cool. They already make a kick-ass game like this called FRAG! from Steve Jackson games. Yes it's a tabletop --Cowpolk, 2.12.02

I know, however I haven't played Frag, and didn't even think about it as I came up with this game. Also Frag costs a lot. --Alistair Hutton, 13.1.03

This is an awesome game with some modifications. I came up with new cards based mostly on counterstrike and a few new rules such as ammo and head shots and different modes of fire for the weapons. But i'd never have had the idea if not for this game. It's cool --Justin, 3.2.03

SWEET! A few more cards (well, about a hundred) and it might even rival MTG! --Matt, 8.8.03

The AV9 or AV10 cards could be named Bullet Time. It's not generic, but it is evocative. --SatyrEyes, 8.9.03

If your new like me, how do or where do you go to create a card deck? --Tunmise, 7.3.04

Typo in both of the Lag (AV7) cards: 'ah' should be 'at'. --Rovenhot, 8.7.05