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Archived comments from the original site

All kids love blogs! --Zaratustra, 15.2.02

Not sure what the point of negative hit entries are... is each player required to play an entry if they have one in their hand? --Eddy Webb, 21.3.03

No, but there are a couple of ways to force them into play, and there aren't too many of them. Not that this is a particularly great deck. --Kevan, 21.3.03

Played it last night, and I think it has some potential. I would start with making you have to play an entry, unless you don't have one or a card forbids you from playing one (such as "Illness"). It is very easy to run out of cards, though, which might be another problem, and "Clearing the Cache" seems to cause an endless loop unless you actively choose to not put "Clearing the Cache" back into the deck. Dunno. I think there's potential here. --Eddy Webb, 21.3.03

Action cards don't go to the discard pile until their effect is done, so CTC isn't a loop. I think that since there is Digital Photo, there should be something that gives a bonus to male players. --Zowayix, 29.11.04