Supper Villains deck

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Supper Villains
Designer ???
Date 2005?
Players 2+
This is an untested deck. Its cards are complete, but it hasn't yet been tested.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is locked. Further cards should not be added - leave feedback on the talk page.

Competing against rival supervillains to be the first to destroy the world? Too easy. Be the first to prepare and serve a full meal, instead.

Special Rules

(to be confirmed) The player that controls a Drink, Main Dish, Side Dish, Soup and Dessert wins.

Card List

Unidentifiable Food
Thing - ???
Choose one: Main Dish, Side Dish, Soup, or Dessert. Discard a card when you play this.
Unfortunate Hamster
Thing - ???
Choose one when played: Side Dish, Soup, or Dessert.
Ice Cream
Thing - Dessert
Tasty Cake
Thing - Dessert
Thing - Drink
Juicy Juice
Thing - Drink
Very Strong Coffee
Thing - Drink
Anyone who drinks this may take another turn immediately. You may take an Action to drink this.
12-Point Buck
Thing - Main Dish*
Counts as a Main Dish for each player. (Each player "controls" this Thing.)
Thing - Main Dish
Roasted Chicken
Thing - Main Dish
Thing - Main Dish
Mound of Shrimp
Thing - Main Dish + Side Dish
Counts as Main Dish and Side Dish. Discard a card when you play this.
Pu-Pu Platter
Thing - Side Dish*
Counts as a Side Dish for each player. (Each player "controls" this Thing.)
Peas & Carrots
Thing - Side Dish
Thing - Side Dish
Thing - Side Dish
Chicken Noodle
Thing - Soup
Cream of Mushroom
Thing - Soup
Onion Soup
Thing - Soup
Thing - Condiments
Bad Taste
Play onto an opponent's Main or Side Dish. That player now also requires Condiments to win.
Insatiable Thirst
Play on an opponent. That opponent may destroy a Drink they own to remove this card. They cannot win if this card is still affecting them.
Are You Gonna Eat That?
If you do not have a Side Dish, you may steal control of a Side Dish from an opponent.
Attack of the Vegans
Destroy all meat and animal products in play.
Dash To The Oven
You and another player reveal your hands to one another. You may take a food item from his hand and put it into play on your side.
Dinner Bell
Everyone draws and reveals a card. You may play one extra Thing this turn.
Eating Too Fast
Target player gets a cramp and must skip his next turn.
Fork Stab
Steal a Side Dish or Dessert from any player.
Heimlich Maneuver
Take any food item from the discard pile and put it into play under your control.
Hey Look Over There!
Steal a food item from a player to either side of you.
Force an opponent to eat (destroy) one food item.
I Don't Feel So Good
Destroy a food item you control and one target food another player controls.
It'll Give You Gas
Destroy target Main or Side Dish.
Merciless Beating
Target player skips his next turn. You may not play a Thing during the same turn you play this.
Mystery Casserole
Destroy an opponent's Main Dish.
Plate Swap
Swap all food items with any player. You must have at least one food to play this.
Pointless Spontaneous Dancing
All players flip a coin. Any player who gets heads skips their next turn.
Repulsive Noise
No other players may put food items into play until after your next turn.
Revolving Table
Everyone passes their meal to the left, unless a player chooses to discard their hand and grip the table tightly.
Starting with yourself, each Player may take some Food from the discard pile and put it into play.
Destroy target Soup or Drink.
Spoon Fling
Destroy a Side Dish you control. Target player skips his next turn.
Destroy target Main or Side Dish. Shuffle back into Draw pile.