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Designer Gryffonl
Date 12th November 2003
Players 2+
This is a CCG set, a set of cards which can be used to construct personalised decks, in the style of a collectable card game.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is locked. Further cards should not be added - leave feedback on the talk page.

This is actually part of a a set of cards I'm working on. In it, you play as a group of campers and counselors, and must either make your opponent homesick or have the time of your life to win. Every Thing and Action is of a color. Each color is a personality-Gold is Cool, Red is Cute, Blue is Smart, Green is Funny, Purple is Artsy, and Orange is Sporty. Silver is consulers. This is not a true deck- it's a gathering of cards, so Dvorak players- use this as material for your SummerDaze decks.

This CCG set is unfinished.

Special Rules


If at any time a player reaches three demerits, they skip their next turn. Their Demerits return to 0.


Each player begins with 0 Homesickness Points. If they reach 7, they lose.


Each player begins with 0 Experience Points, and if you accumulate 7, you win.


Action cards' requirements must be met from the Things YOU CONTROL.

Deck Construction

You may have no more than 4 copies of any one card in your deck.

Card List

Firstyear Matt
Thing - Thing - Colorless
Everytime you get an Experience Point, change Matt's color to the color of the Action or Thing that produced that Experience.
Twisted Cameron
Thing - Thing - Blue
Action:Sacrifice one Experience Point. Your opponent gains one Homesickness Points.
Popular Carter
Thing - Thing - Gold
When Carter enters play, you lose one Homesickness Point.
Little Gary
Thing - Thing - Red
No Actions may effect Gary.
Dilenquent Lucas
Thing - Thing - Green
When Lucas enters play, you gain a Demerit. Action: Gain one Demerit to Gain one Experience Point.
Sarcastic Laurel
Thing - Thing - Blue
Action: Gain one Demerit to draw one card.
Creative Violet
Thing - Thing - Purple
Action: On your next turn, you may play two Actions
Stubborn Mike
Thing - Thing - Orange
Action: No changes may be made to Homesickness or Experience Points until your next turn. You may not use this Action two turns in a row.
Director Gregory
Thing - Thing - Silver
Action: Sacrifice Gregory- all players now have 0 Experience Points and 0 Homesickness points.
Lovely Malory
Thing - Thing - Red
Action: You lose one Homesickness Point. This Action may be used only once per game
Prankster Kat
Thing - Thing - Green
When Kat enters play, your opponent chooses one of their Things and destroys it.
Beautiful Amanda
Thing - Thing - Gold
Amanda is immune to Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple.
Observant Cassandra
Thing - Thing - Blue
Action: Look at the top three cards of your deck and rearrange them as you desire.
Athletic Hugh
Thing - Thing - Orange
Action: Gain three demerits and sacrifice Hugh- your opponent discards his hand.
Hopeful Emily
Thing - Thing - Purple
Action: Draw one card for every Purple Thing you control.
Wise Alexander
Thing - Thing - Blue
When Alexander enters play, all players draw a card and then discard a card.
Heartful Liza
Thing - Thing - Red
When Liza enters play, all players now have 0 Homesickness Points. As long as she remains in play, no player loses for having 7 or more Homesickness Points.
Consuler Randy
Thing - Thing - Silver
Action: Counter an action or thing. This may be used on your opponent's turn if you did not play an action this turn.
Twins Rose and Indigo
Thing - Thing - Red and Purple
When counting the number of Things in play, Rose and Indigo count as two things. On the turn Rose and Indigo enter play, you may not play an action.
Joker Norris
Thing - Thing - Green
Action: You may take one card from an opponent's hand. That opponent may then take one card from your hand OTHER than the one you took.
Challenging Hike
Requires: 1 Gold or 1 Orange. Gain 2 Homesickness and 2 Experience Points.
Requires: 1 Red or 1 Gold. You may look at your opponents hand and discard one card from it.
Caution Needed
Requires 1 Blue or 1 Silver. Destroy one Thing that is not Blue or Silver.
Murderball Game
Requires 2 Orange. Your opponent gains 2 Homesickness Points, and you may destroy one of their non-Orange things.
New Friendship
Requires 1 Green or 1 Purple. Your opponent loses one Homesickness Point, and you gain one Experience Point.
Clear Weather for Swimming
Requires 1 Orange or 1 Red. Gain one Experience Point
Leonardo's Envy
Requires 2 Purple. Gain 3 Experience Points, but discard three cards from your hand.
That's Not Maple
Requires 2 Blue. Gain 1 Experience Point then draw 1 card.
Requires 1 Purple or 1 Blue. Your opponent gains 1 Homesickness Point
A Midnight Prank
Requires 2 Green. Your opponent discards their hand and the top card of their deck.
Big Dance
Requires 2 Gold or 2 Red. You gain 2 Experience Points. Skip your next Draw Step.
Lost in the Woods
Requires 1 Green and 1 Orange. Your opponent gains one Homesickness Point for each Green and/or Orange Thing in play up to 3.
Requires nothing. If you control on opposite color of a color your opponent controls, destroy all Things in play. Opposites are Green-Orange, Purple-Gold, and Blue-Red.
Autumn Arrives
Requires 1 Gold, 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Orange, 1 Green, and 1 Purple. The game is over. The winner is whoever has the most Experience Points after subtracting their Homesickness Points from it. In the case of a tie, this card is negated.
Requires 1 Silver. All players Experience and Homesickness becomes 0. Gain 1 Experience Point.
Shaving Cream 'Accident'
Requires 1 Green. Destroy one Thing. Your opponent gains a Homesickness Point.
Sarcasm Extreme
Requires 1 Blue. Destroy one Thing.