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From Dvorak - A Blank-Card Game
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Designer Xahn Borealis
Date 10/11/08
Players 2+
This is a CCG set, a set of cards which can be used to construct personalised decks, in the style of a collectable card game.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

This is my first CCG set, so any contribution would be appreciated, if not implemented in the set. It is based on ground-based RTSs, where you build up your base and construct units to send forth to war. It's NOT Command & Conquer, but seeing as it's the only RTS I've played the most, this set may end up very similar.

It's also based on some doodles that I do when I should be paying attention in college.

Special Rules

You may only play Things when another card allows it. Cornervalues are health ratings. Use counters or tokens to represent damage done. They also represent the price of that Unit or Structure, as well as Tech Tree requirements. A letter before the number represents that another Thing is required to be in play before this can be played. A letter after means this Thing enables another Thing.

Example Unit
Thing - Unit
Doesn't do anything, it's an example card. Remove from the deck. This card would need a card with 'A' after its health rating in play, to be put into play.
Example Structure
Thing - Structure
Doesn't do anything, it's an example card. Remove from the deck. This card lets you play any card with 'A' before its health rating, even if this card doesn't do anything else.


There are 5 Locations in the game, +3 for every player. Each Location can contain 6 Structures and 10 Units. You may build Structures in any Location in which you have Structures, or any adjacent Location. Units move at different speeds according to their type.

  • Aircraft: 3 Locations per turn.
  • Infantry: 2 Locations per turn.
  • Ground Vehicles: 1 Locations per turn.

You cannot react against any enemy Units 4 Locations away from any Locations you inhabit. Before the game begins, decide the position and contents of each Location. One Location owned by each player should contain a Magnetic Assembler (see card list).


Cornervalues, as well as representing health, also represent price divided by 10 of the Unit or Structure. To play a Thing with a cornervalue, pay that amount of any resource times 10. You don't have to pay with just one resource type, for example, you could buy a Unit which required 100 resources and pay 70 of one type and 30 of another. All players should have copies of Resource cards in their deck. You may only own Resources you possess cards for, at the start of the game, place all your Resources into play.

Card List

Thing - Resource
Usable for any Thing. Gain 30 Revarium when you draw this card.
An artificial substance, invented by Dr Aclius. It is extremely malleable at exactly 888°C.
Thing - Resource
Only usable for Ground Vehicles. If a Thing you play is composed of more than half Dentium, It's health rating is decreased by 1/4. Gain 50 Dentium when you draw this card.
A relatively weak metal, Revarium decays into Dentium very quickly when exposed to temperatures exceeding 250°C.
Infantry Squad
Thing - Infantry
7 Damage against Infantry. 2 Damage against Structures.
"This is Razor Squad. Snipers have enemy contact. Orders, sir?"
Heavy Tank
Thing - Ground Vehicle
10 Damage against Ground Vehicles. 5 Damage against Infantry. 10 Damage against Structures.
"Jackhammer Tank rolling out, sir. Engage and destroy."
Mounted Wave Cannon
Thing - Ground Vehicle
12 Damage against Ground Vehicles. 7 Damage against Infantry. 20 Damage against Structures.
"Firing solution on vector 16.981. Charging energy wave."
Thing - Structure
Requires Power. Action: Play two Ground Vehicles. Action: Fully heal one Ground Vehicle. That unit takes no Actions this turn.
"Keep those arc welders hot! Those tanks won't build themselves, ladies!"
Zero Point Energy Power Station
Thing - Structure
Power three Structures that require power.
"Operating at 120 per cent efficiency, sir."
Magnetic Assembler
Thing - Structure
If this in your deck, immediately play it for free at the start of the game. Powers two Structures. Action: Play one Structure.
"Constructors working. Let's get that Structure up."
Thing - Structure
Requires Power. As long as Scrapyard is in play, gain 50 Revarium, or 150 Dentium. Action: Look at the top card in the discard pile. If a Vehicle or Structure, gain half its cornervalue in Dentium.
"They build 'em up, we rip 'em apart again!"
Transport LZ
Thing - Structure
Action: Play two Infantry.
"Sir, We've got Hotrock Transports inbound."
Air Hangar
Thing - Structure
Requires Power. Action: Play one Aircraft. Action: Fully heal one Aircraft. That unit takes no Actions this turn.