Legend of Elsewhere

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Legend Of Elsewhere
Designer AldusValor
Date 6-12-2009
Players 2+
This is a CCG set, a set of cards which can be used to construct personalised decks, in the style of a collectable card game.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

The Legend of Elsewhere deck follows the pursuits of an unfortunate traveler and the people he encounters.

Special Rules

Card Types

In addition to Things and Actions, the following card types exist:

Basic Goals

Each player starts out with 5 goals in front of him. Each player may also have any combination up to 5 more Basic Goals or Non-Basic Goals in his Library. When a player controls no Goals, he loses the game. These are denoted with BG in the cornervalue

Non-Basic Goals

Non Basic Goals count as Goals, but they each carry an action. These are denoted by an NG in the cornervalue


No more than one Legendary card of the same name may be in play at the same time. If another legendary card comes into play with the same name as another one, both cards are discarded.

Things(one step further)

Things have three sub-groups


The player's army is made of Units. These are denoted by their attack/defense in their cornervalue. If defense of a unit ever drops to zero, it s discarded.


These do stuff, and are denoted by PM in their cornervalue


Attaches to certain Units and Permanents.

Further Rules

Further Rules will be added at a later date, I want to get some more cards made first- AldusValor(6/12/09)

Card List

Basic Goal
Card by AldusValor
Thing~Non-Basic Goal
Action: All non-PM non-EQ Things you control receive +2/+3
Card by AldusValor
Doublechin's Decree
Player's cannot play action cards for five turns
"If people do what I say, I'll quit; If they can't do anything it'd be a job well done." ~ Doublechin
Card by AldusValor
Thing~Legendary Supervillain
Action: When Doublechin comes into play take control of target opponant's Things. Discard them to owners Discard pile at end of turn.
"Doublechin uses and discards, he steals too." ~ Fox Slater
Card by AldusValor
Doublechin's Late 60's Death Ray
When there are no tokens on this card, discard it. This card comeis into play with 10 Charge Counters on it.Action: Remove a Charge Counter: Destroy Target Thing.
"118 Pygmy slaves died in the construction of this spectacular weapon." ~ Doublechin
Card by AldusValor
Doublechin's Henchman
"OK, who's going to fulfill his ultimate destiny and die for my cause? Let's see, odd numbered henchmen from 19 to 31." ~ Doublechin
Card by AldusValor
Number 11
Thing~Ledgendary Henchman
Number 11 has a defense equal to the number of Henchman you control.
"The problem is he arbitrarily made me you guys' commander." ~ Number 11
Card by AldusValor
Dr. Strangeglove
Thing~Legendary Supervillain
Action (Global): All Things count as both EQ and PM Things.
"Armies of machines do Strangeglove's bidding. Some look like his mother." ~ Fox Slater
Card by AldusValor