Fictional Wars CCG card set

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Fictional Wars
Designer Zaratustra
Date 20th Jan 2008
Players 2+
This is a CCG set, a set of cards which can be used to construct personalised decks, in the style of a collectable card game.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.

Fictional characters leave their works and do battle!

Special Rules

Players start with 20 life points each. They lose the game when their life points reach 0.

Cards have Genres. The Genres are:

  • Comedy (Satire, kids' comics, most Western animation)
  • Fantasy (Includes medieval adventures and magic speculative fiction)
  • Mystery (Detective, horror, thriller)
  • Science (Includes modern adventures and non-magic speculative fiction)
  • Romance (Drama, tragedy, family sagas, whatnot)

Sources are put in a separate deck. You draw one card from the Source deck at the start of the turn, and may play one Source and one Character per turn instead of one Thing.

Each Source can sustain a certain number of points worth of Characters. Furthermore, they can only sustain Characters that share a Genre with them. A unsustained Character is destroyed.

Example: If you have one 3-point Fantasy Source and one 2-point Science/Fantasy Source, they can sustain five 1-point Fantasy characters, one 5-point Fantasy character, or one 2-point Science character. They cannot sustain a 3-point Science character.


As an Action, the player may challenge the opponent for a Bout. A Bout works as such:

  1. Player names the attacking Character.
  2. Opponent names a defending Character if possible.
  3. Player picks the statistic that will determine the bout.
  4. Both players roll a six-sided die. Higher roll is the winner, draws go to the attacker.
  5. The effect of winning a bout is defined on the attacker's card.

Common effects are keyworded.

  • Attack - Destroy defending Thing. If there was no defense, deal damage to the attacked opponent equal to this statistic.
  • Escape - Return this card to your hand.

Card List

King Solomon's Mines
Source - Fantasy
Card by Zaratustra
Allan Quatermain
Character - Science Fantasy
Physical: 3 - Attack
Mental: 3 - Draw a card.
Social: 1
Spiritual: 2 - Return a card from the discard pile to your hand.
Card by Zaratustra
Count Dracula
Character - Mystery
Physical: 4 - Attack
Mental: 3 - Gain control of target Unit.
Social: 5 - Attack
Spiritual: 4 - Escape
When this successfully damages a player, gain that much life.
Card by Zaratustra
Uncle Scrooge
Character - Comedy
Physical: 2 - Escape
Mental: 4 - Draw a card from the Source deck.
Social: 4 - Discard a Source card. Destroy an Unit.
Spiritual: 1 - You do not need to discard to max hand size at the end of the turn.
Card by Zaratustra
Character - Science
Physical: 1 - Attack
Mental: 5 - Enemy must place card back into their hand.
Social: 2 - Attack
Spiritual: 1 - Escape Opponent cannot draw cards the turn HAL is played.
Card by NARF
The Death Star
Source - Science
You may only play The Death Star if you already own a single Science Source that can sustain 6 or more points of characters.
Card by NARF
Mickey Mouse House
Card by Stickman71
Egg Engines
Source - Science
When Egg Engines enters play, you may draw a card. If it has 'Science' as a subtype, you may show it and keep it in your hand. Otherwise, discard it.
Card by NARF

Source - Science
Upon playing Tourian, another player of your choice immediately may put a Science type Character with a cost of 3 or less onto the field.
Card by NARF
Character - Science
Physical: 3 - Attack, this card's owner gains life equal to the target's cornervalue minus 3.
Mental: 2 - Attack
Social: 2 - Attack
Spiritual: 1 - Attack Metroid cannot act unless there is another Science character on the field.
Card by NARF
Source - Fantasy
Upon playing Mordor, put two characters you own in the discard pile.
Card by NARF