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A screenshot of DvorakMUSH

DvorakMUSH is a text-based multi-player gaming environment, where users can gather to play games of Dvorak against one another.

Connecting to DvorakMUSH

All your computer needs is a telnet client. It's fairly safe to expect that your computer has one; you can either click this link (it should open a telnet window and connect automatically) or type the following at a DOS or Unix prompt:-

telnet dvorakgame.co.uk 6250

Once connected, type "create <name> <password>" to create a new character with your choice of name and password (or "connect <name> <password>" if you've already created one and are returning). You'll then be granted access to the MUSH.

For example, if you wanted to create an account with the name Blackadder and the password atkinson, you'd write:

create Blackadder atkinson

You'll start off in the Entrance Hall - heading north twice will take you to the Dvorak Lounge, where the games are played. If you can't find any other players, they might be logged in but hiding in other rooms - type WHO to see who's actually connected.

Basic commands

Examples of basic conversational and general MUSH commands are:-

  • "Hello.
Your character will say "Hello." to every other player in whichever virtual room you're in. Note the lack of a closing speechmark.
  • :waits.
Your character will emote - if Estragon were to type the above, everyone in the virtual room as him would see: "Estragon waits."
  • wh estragon=I suggest we conspire against Vladimir.
Your character will whisper "I suggest we conspire against Vladimir." to Estragon, provided he is in the same virtual room as you. Only you and Estragon will hear the whisper.
  • p estragon=Help, I'm lost.
Paging - the same as whispering, but you needn't be in the same room as Estragon.
  • look
Look at the room you're in, to see what it is and who's there.
  • WHO
See who's connected to the MUSH, and how long they've been idle for (how long it's been since they last typed anything).
  • QUIT
Leave the MUSH.

The Dvorak Engine

The Dvorak Engine itself uses a number of specific commands - these are documented in the MUSH Dvorak Engine Manual.

MUSH clients

If you're going to become a DvorakMUSH regular, or are having trouble using your system's default telnet program, you might like to install a MUSH client program - effectively a prettified telnet client, with extra options and settings suited to a MUSH environment.

MUSH clients that Dvorak users recommend include:-