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Destruction in Dvorak
Designer Anyone!
Date 10/4 and onwards
Players 5+
Although this is an unfinished deck, it is still playable.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is under construction. Anyone is welcome to contribute - check the talk page to find out more.


This is my attempt to create (The Framework for) a Mafia-esque game

Adding Cards

As this is a game meant for everyone to play, I want everyone to have a chance to create cards! These are the rules:

1: Don't add more than 3 roles at a time, unless 24 hours has passed.

2: Don't make too over powerful roles. (Ex: A Good Guy that instawins the game for Good Guys if it dies or is revealed)

3: Don't make too under powerful roles. (Ex: A Bad Guy who commits suicide at the beginning of the first night)

4: Only change other's roles to fix grammar.

5: Roles shouldn't refer to other roles, as they might not be present in all games.

5.1: If a role has good reason to refer to another role (Ex: "This role can only exist in games with The Vampire"), then it is allowed to refer to it.

6: Use the talk page to suggest edits for this page (excluding roles)

7: Create a Subsection for each new faction within an overall heading. (Ex: The faction "Blue Dragon" would be a subsection of "Uninformed Minority")

7.1: Neutrals can be ignored for the sake of this

Special Rules

Disregard all rules that apply to Dvorak. (Terminology might still apply)

One person is the "Moderator". They are the Engine of the game, who takes into account and processes all effects that happen at night. The Moderator hands out one role card to each other player at the beginning of the game. The Moderator is not a Player and does not receive a role.

All regular players have 3 cards: their role card, and two Decision cards, Lynch and Pardon. Players may always look at their own role card, but they may not reveal it to any other players unless allowed or required by a game effect.


Each round is divided into day and night.

During the Morning (Day), players are allowed to say anything that they want to.
During the Afternoon (Day), players vote on who to accuse of conspiracy against the town. Anyone voted for by more than half of living players becomes accused, beginning a trial..
During a Trial, the accused player gets a brief time to testify. No one else may speak during this time.
During the Decision, all players aside from the accused may vote to Lynch or Pardon the accused by giving the corresponding card to the Moderator, face-down. Votes are only revealed at the end of the Decision period. Anyone who does not give a card to the moderator before time is up abstains from the vote. If more than half of the votes are Lynch, the accused is killed and the day ends.
During the Night, everyone closes their eyes. The moderator will tell roles to wake up to do their night actions, if they have any, then to fall back asleep. If there are any roles that wake up with other roles (such as most Informed Minority roles), the Moderator will tell the group to wake up instead.

If a player dies, they give the moderator their voting cards to signify that they are dead. They also reveal their role, unless an effect keeps it from being revealed. If a dead player is revived, their role stays revealed if it was revealed. Dead players are unaffected by all game effects that do not specifically affect dead players (Notably, Post-Death abilities can't be redirected).
If a player whose role is revealed becomes a different role, their new role will not be revealed.
Players may only use their role's Day Abilities if their role is revealed.
Some abilities may only be used a limited number of times. Some abilities instead have a limited number of Successful uses, which are not spent if the ability's effect is not achieved for some reason.
A role with multiple Night abilities may only use one of those abilities per night, if not otherwise specified.


There can be any number of factions present in a game. Each role card has a single faction.

There are four categories of factions: Uninformed Majority, Informed Minority, Psycho Neutral, and True Neutral.
Any non-neutral role's goal is to kill off all players of other factions except for True Neutrals.
Psycho Neutral roles have the goal of killing off all players of other roles except for True Neutrals.
True Neutral roles each have their own unique goal, and some may win alongside other factions.

The game ends when any non-neutral faction or Psycho Neutral role achieves its goal. Some True Neutrals may delay the game's end.


Each role has one of 6 different role types, which describes the overall function of the role.

Killer - Roles whose main mechanics kill other players.
Offensive - Roles that disrupt other players and keep them from using their abilities as intended.
Social - Roles that affect the game's social dynamics, either positively or negatively.
Support - Roles that help other players, whether it be healing or strongmanning their actions.
Investigative - Roles that can gain mechanical information from the game itself.
Special - Roles that don't fit into any of the above categories.

Game Alterations

If you want to alter your game, you are free to do so. Here are a few suggestions from me (JakeTheWolfie)

Faction Grouping - Some factions can win without eliminating each other. (Ex: The Mafia are able to win with the Unseen, despite being differing factions). This could also apply to only specific roles (Ex:The Mastermind, The Coven Leader, The Cult Leader, and The Godfather are able to win with each other, if alive. This also applies of one or more of them aren't alive. All other members of their factions would lose)

Different Trials - Players vote on who to lynch during the trial phase. Whoever has the most votes is lynched.

Faction Separating - Roles within a faction cannot win with each other (Ex: The Vigilante can only win if the Veteran is killed, and vice versa. If both are alive/dead at the end of the game, they both lose.)

Autopsy Reports - When the Moderator announces a player's death, they also announce what role killed them. If it was an Informed Minority role, they announce the killer's faction instead of their role. --ChippyYYZ

Legion of Doom - Informed Minority factions treat each other as a single faction and wake up together. Ignore each Informed Minority faction's required starting roles. Effects of Informed Minority special rules or roles that would involuntarily change an Informed Minority player's role are suspended until each faction's effect has its conditions met, at which point one such effect at random is applied (If a Consigliere, Vigilante, Shadowstalker, and Combatant are alive, the Consigliere does not become a Mafioso, the Shadowstalker does not become The Kinslayer, and the Combatant does not become a Mithrite Leader until the Vigilante dies, at which point only one of the three remaining players at random will become a new role). The Mafioso may still become a Godfather if an existing one dies. --ChippyYYZ


Investigate - Learn whether a player is Suspicious (Informed Minority or Psycho Neutral) or Not Suspicious (Uninformed Majority or True Neutral). Some abilities may gain additional information from Investigating.
Frame - Investigative checks on a Framed player return Suspicious.
Tailor - Investigative checks on a Tailored player return Not Suspicious.
Heal - Prevent a player from dying tonight.
Kill - Kill target player. This can also be paired with other modifications.
Strongman - This ability cannot be stopped unless another strongman ability stops it.
Death Immune - You cannot be killed at night. You can still be lynched.
Unique - Up to one of this role can be assigned at the beginning of the game. If multiple living players have the same unique role, the one who most recently became that role (except via this rule) becomes their previous role.
Distract - A Distracted player's Night abilities have no effect. They still visit the target of their ability unless specified otherwise. Limited use abilities still spend a use (but not a Successful use).
Redirect - Change the target of a player's ability (if any).
Visit - A living player using a Night ability on a target Visits that player, unless specified otherwise. Some abilities can detect visits or affect players who visit certain players.
Convert - Transform a player's faction from one side to another. If no role is specified to be what a role converts into, the role's convert is considered to be that original role, just with the faction changed.
Unconvertable - The role is unaffected when a conversion attempt is made.
(X uses, shared) - If another player becomes that role, they will keep the same amount of uses.
Poison - The target will be notified upon being poisoned. If they are not healed, they will die in 2 nights.
Revive - Target player will be brought back from the dead.
X-shot - Similar to (X uses), this will only activate X number of times

(Add more as you come up with cards with these terms)

Role Cards

Uninformed Majority


Police Person
(Night) - Investigate target player. You will know if they are an Informed Minority.
(Night) - Heal another player.
(Night) - Heal yourself. (1 use)
(Post-Death, Night) - If you were killed, target a player. If they killed you, this will be announced tomorrow. (3 uses)
Jack of All Trades
Moderner/Special - Unique
(Night) - Invest target player's type, gaining a 1 use ability from it.
Investigative/Special - Investigate target player, determining faction.
Social - Target player cannot be voted tomorrow.
Support - Heal Target Player.
Offensive - Distract Target player.
Killer - Kill target player.
(Night) - Target player requires half as many votes to be put on trial and lynched. (2 uses)
(Night) - If target player is killed, you will strongman kill the attacker, the attacker killing you instead.
(Night) - Target a player without visiting them. You learn the names of each person who visits your target tonight.
Card by ChippyYYZ
You can't be Distracted.
(Night) - Target player is Distracted tonight.
"You busy tonight?"
Card by ChippyYYZ
Moderner/Social - Unique
You may reveal your role. You may not be Healed if you are revealed.
(Day) - Your votes count as 3 votes, and you break ties if two players receive enough votes to be accused.
"It's high time we cleaned up this city."
Card by ChippyYYZ
(Night) - Kill every player who visits you tonight, bypassing Death Immunity. You are Death Immune and can't be Distracted tonight (3 uses).
Alone with a pot of coffee, a loaded gun, and his memories.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Bus Driver
(Night) - Target two different players. All Night abilities targeting either one are Redirected to the other. They will know they were transferred.
"Get in, and don't ask."
Card by ChippyYYZ
(Night) - Investigate target player's role type. If you are Redirected, you learn your target's name.
"Okay, and what would you say is the most important skill you bring to the table?"
Card by ChippyYYZ

High Elves

Captain of the Elfguard
High Elf/Investigative - Unique
You know which players are Elfguards.
(Night) - Investigate target player and learn whether they're a Killer role. If they are an Informed Minority or Neutral Psycho, they will learn your name and role.
"State your business, citizen."
Card by ChippyYYZ
High Elf/Investigative
(Night) - Target a player. You learn the names of everyone who visits them tonight.
"Halt, who goes there?"
Card by ChippyYYZ
High Elf/Killer
(Night) - Kill target player without visiting them (3 uses). If you kill an allied Uninformed Majority this way, you unavoidably kill yourself the following night instead of waking up.
"My aim, like my heart, is unerring."
Card by ChippyYYZ
High Elf/Killer
(Night) - Target another player. If any player would kill or convert them tonight, they kill you instead, and you kill them in return, bypassing Death Immunity.
"Draw steel, knave! Is this not why you've come?"
Card by ChippyYYZ
Herbal Healer
High Elf/Support
(Night) - Heal another target player.
(Night) - Heal all Uninformed Majority and True Neutral roles that visit you tonight (2 uses).
"Darkness is only a passing thing. Rest here until morning."
Card by ChippyYYZ
High Elf/Special
After every even-numbered night, you learn what Neutral roles are alive and how many of each, but not who they are.
You are Death Immune, but only to the first attack against you by a Neutral player.
"Those who disturb balance will never know it themselves."
Card by ChippyYYZ
High Elf/Support
(Night) - Target a dead player whose role is revealed. If they are an Uninformed Majority, they return to life in the morning. (1 successful use).
"To the earth you have gone, and from the earth you return. Oh, and you'll need to water yourself twice a day now."
Card by ChippyYYZ
High Elf/Offensive
You can't be distracted.
(Night) - Target player is Distracted tonight. If they are Distracted this way, they can't vote to lynch or accuse players the next day (4 uses).
"Listen awhile, and let peace fill your heart."
Card by ChippyYYZ
High Elf/Investigative
(Night) - Target a player or dead player. If they die tonight or are already dead, you learn their role(s) and what roles killed them.
(Post-Death, Night) - If you were killed at night, target a player. If they killed you, this will be announced tomorrow (1 use).
"Not a page shall fade from memory, nor a word be stricken."
Card by ChippyYYZ
High Elf/Social - Unique
You may reveal your role.
(Day) - Any player who becomes accused today is lynched instead of going on trial. There can be 3 lynchings today. Lynched players' roles are not revealed until the end of the day (1 use).
"Your lives belong to me. Relinquish them."
Card by ChippyYYZ
High Elf/Support
(Night) - Target a player. Spend a prepared suit of armor to Armor that player if they're not already Armored. The next time they are attacked, they become Death Immune for the night, and they lose their Armor.
(Night) - Prepare a suit of armor.
Card by ChippyYYZ


Charged - At the start of a game with any Starfarer roles, a random player becomes Charged. At the start of each day, after the night's deaths are made known, the living player who most recently became Charged chooses an uncharged living player to become Charged. If no living player is Charged, a random player becomes Charged instead. Starfarers' abilities are enhanced by being Charged.

You know who is visited by Informed Minorities each night.
(Night) - If you're charged, Strongman Investigate target player. You may not use this ability tomorrow night.
Card by ChippyYYZ
(Night) - Investigate target player's role type.
(Night) - If you're charged, Investigate target player's role (1 use).
Card by ChippyYYZ
Blade Runner
(Night) - Investigate target player.
(Night) - Kill target player (1 use). Gain another use when you become Charged.
Card by ChippyYYZ
(Night) - Heal another target player. If you're Charged, then their Night abilities tonight are Strongmanned.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Forcefield Technician
(Night) - Target player becomes Death Immune tonight. You will know if they are attacked while they are Death Immune this way. If you are Charged, they stay Death Immune until you successfully use this ability on another target, or until the morning after they are attacked.
Card by ChippyYYZ
(Night)) - Target another player. All other players visiting that player tonight become Distracted. You can't use this ability on the same target twice in a row unless you're Charged.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Starfarer/Support - Unique
(Night) - Target two different players without visiting either. All Night abilities targeting either one are Redirected to the other. They will know they were transferred. If you're Charged, this ability is Strongmanned.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Security Officer
(Night) - Target a player. If they attack a player tonight, kill them. If you're Charged, learn who your target visits.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Federation Senator
Starfarer/Social - Unique
You may reveal your role. You can't be healed while you're revealed. When you die, if you're Charged, a player of your choice becomes Charged.
(Day) - There may be an additional lynching today.
Card by ChippyYYZ
If all players are Charged at the end of a day, become a Starfarer/Support role of your choice.
(Night) - If you're Charged, target player becomes Charged.
Card by ChippyYYZ

Red Dragon

If there is a Lunarmancer, the game will have Moon phases, starting on a New moon to a Half moon to a Full moon to a Half moon, in a cycle. Every night, the moon cycle goes to the next phase.

Court Yeller
Red Dragon/Social
(Night) - Send an anonymous message through the Moderator to everyone.
Red Dragon/Special
You are revealed Day 1.
(Night) - Investigate target player. If they are suspicious, kill them. You will kill yourself if they were Red Dragon
Red Dragon/Support
(Night) - Strongman target player's action. You will be alerted if it succeeded.
Red Dragon/Special
(Night) - Poison or Heal target player.
Red Dragon/Investigative
Depending on the moon phase, receive one of the following:
New moon - Nothing
Half moon - 3 players and 1 role type, which one of them is.
Full moon - The name of a suspicious player.
Time Warper
Red Dragon/Special
(Night) - Strongman Distract and Heal target player. Strongman kill them instead if you've used this on them once.
Red Dragon/Investigative
(Night) - Determine a player's Role Type
Red Dragon/Offensive
(Night) - Strongman Distract target Player.
Red Dragon/Killer
If you are killed, you will kill all players visiting you, even if the kill would fail.
Black Witch
Red Dragon/Killer
If you have not used your night ability, you will revive yourself when attacked instead. (Night) - Revive a dead Red Dragon (1 use)
Blood Bender
Red Dragon/Offensive
(Night) - Redirect target player to another target player.
Plague Doctor
Red Dragon/Support
(Night) - Heal target player. Poison them if they did not require healing. Can target self.
Red Dragon/Social
(Night) - Learn the following from your target: Whether they were Investigated, Distracted/Redirected, and/or healed from an Attack.
Red Dragon/Killer
If you are killed during the day, you remain unrevealed.
(Night) - Kill target player. Their role will be unrevealed. You will be Death Immune if successful. (3 uses)

Informed Minority

The Mafia

The Mafia always start with a Godfather and a Mafioso. If neither a Godfather nor a Mafioso is alive at the end of a day, a random surviving Mafia role becomes a Mafioso.

Mafia/Killer - Unique
Death Immune, Tailored
(Night) - The Mafioso uses their Night ability targeting a player of your choosing (without you visiting anyone). If they are unable, you visit and kill the targeted player instead.
"I have no intention of placing my fate in the hands of men whose only qualification is that they managed to con a bloc of people to vote for them."
Card by ChippyYYZ
Mafia/Killer - Unique
(Night) - Kill target player. The Godfather may overrule this ability's targeting.
If the Godfather dies or is converted, you become the Godfather.
"I got a message for ya from the boss."
Card by ChippyYYZ
(Night) - Target a player. If they die tonight, their role is revealed only to you. Limit: 3 successful uses per game.
A spotless record is messy work.
Card by ChippyYYZ
You can't be Distracted.
(Night) - Target player is Distracted tonight.

If neither a Godfather nor a Mafioso is alive at the end of a day, you become a Mafioso instead of any other player.
"You busy tonight?"
Card by ChippyYYZ
(Night) - Investigate target player, learning their role.
More valuable than gold is information. Heavier, too.
Card by ChippyYYZ
(Night) - Frame target player.
"I don't fabricate evidence. I just hide it on someone else."
Card by ChippyYYZ
(Night) - Target player is silenced for the following day. If they are on trial, they may say that they are blackmailed.
Card by ChippyYYZ

Low Justices

Supreme Justice
Low Justice/Social - Unique
If you are lynched, a trial cannot be held tomorrow.
(Night) - No Low Justices can be lynched the following day. (2 uses)
We see truth through a lens, refracted.
Low Justice/Killer - Unique
If there is no Vigilante, a random Low Justice will be chosen to become the Vigilante.
(Night) - Kill Target player.
It's time to take justice into my own hands.
Corrupt Cop
Low Justice/Investigative
(Night) - Investigate target player's faction. If they are an Uninformed Majority, learn their role type as well.
Low Justice/Social
(Night) - Frame Target player. If they are lynched tomorrow, all Low Justices will be Tailored the next night. (3 uses)
Doctor in Philosophy
Low Justice/Offensive
(Night) - Distract Target player.
Perhaps him dying is his body sabotaging our town, hm?
Low Justice/Support
(Night) - Strongman another Low justice's ability tonight. (3 uses)
You see, we actually stole all of this money from the taxes.
Low Justice/Special
(Night) - Choose a Low Justice role to become. If there isn't already that role, you will become it the next night.
Low Justice/Killer - Unique
(Night) - Kill target player. You will not die from killing them, if you would. (3 uses)
I'm the ultimate authority. No one could possibly match my authority.
Unjust Mayor
Low Justice/Social - Unique
Once per game, you may reveal yourself. If you do, your vote for everything triples. You also leave the night meetings with the other Low Justices.
It's high time the real justice of this town showed itself!

Children of Mithrite

If there is no "Mithrite Leader", the Eldest Mithrite will become the Leader of their choice. The Eldest is whoever has been a member the longest. There can only be 4 total members at a time. The Possible leaders are: Mithrite Leader and Preacher.

Mithrite Leader
Mithrite/Special - Unique
(Night) - Convert a player into their Mithrite role, given that they are a member of the Uninformed Majority. They keep 1 ability that they possess. Revealed players are unconvertable. 1 night cooldown.
(Night) - Kill a player.
Investigative roles convert into this.
(Night) - Investigate a player's exact role. (3 uses)
Support roles convert into this.
(Night) - Heal all Mithrites tonight. (2 uses)
Divined Leader
Social roles convert into this.
If you are revealed, your vote counts as 2.
(Night) - No Mithrites can be lynched tommorow (1 use)
Killer roles convert into this.
The eldest Combatant performs all killing abilities for Mithrites alongside their own ability.
(Night) - Kill a player. (2 uses)
Offensive roles convert into this.
(Night) - Distract a player, or redirect them to anyone, including themselves. (5 uses)
The Guard
Special roles convert into this.
(Night) - Learn how many people visit the Mithrites tonight. If it is less than 3 people visit, you will kill them. If more than 3 visit, distract all visitors to you. (2 uses)
Mithrite/Special - Unique
(Night) - Convert a player into their Mithrite role, given that they are a member of the Uninformed Majority. They keep 1 ability that they possess. Revealed players are unconvertable. 1 night cooldown.
(Night) - Tailor yourself and a Mithrite of your choice until you use this ability again. (3 uses, shared)

Dark Elves

The Dark Elves always start with The Kinslayer and a Dark Avenger. If there is no Kinslayer at the end of a day and a Kinslayer hasn't died since the end of the last day, a random Dark Elf becomes the Kinslayer.

The Kinslayer
Dark Elf/Killer - Unique
Can't be Distracted.
(Night) - Kill target player.
The first time you kill a player, their role is revealed only to you. When you die, at the end of the day, a Dark Elf of your choice becomes The Kinslayer
Kiss of death
Blood revenge
Moment of betrayal
Card by ChippyYYZ
Dark Elf/Support
(Night) - Heal another target player. If they're lynched tomorrow, their role is not revealed, except to the Dark Elves that night (3 uses).
"My surgery leaves no scars, my treatment leaves no symptoms, and your passing will leave no trace."
Card by ChippyYYZ
Dark Elf/Offensive
(Night) - Target another player. All players who would visit you tonight are Redirected to your target (3 uses).
"Lead, follow, or get out of the way? Why not all three?"
Card by ChippyYYZ
Dark Elf/Social
(Night) - Frame target player. If they're lynched tomorrow, their role is not revealed, except to the Dark Elves that night (3 uses).
"You could have been one of us. I see the potential in you. And so will they."
Card by ChippyYYZ
Dark Elf/Investigative
(Night) - Target another player. You learn the names of everyone who visits them tonight, and you learn who your target visits.
"Sometimes they stop and look around to see if they're being followed. It never helps."
Card by ChippyYYZ
Dark Avenger
Dark Elf/Special - Unique
You have the (Night) abilities of all non-Killer Dark Elf roles that aren't currently alive, even after becoming The Kinslayer, but each ability only has 1 use.
"Your third mistake was forgetting who we are. Your second was forgetting your first. Know that we never will."
Card by ChippyYYZ
Fell Blade
Dark Elf/Killer
- Strongman kill target player. You are no longer Tailored. The Moderator announces in the morning that the Fell Blade has struck. (1 use)
In a single moment, one life is ended, and another is completed.
Card by ChippyYYZ


True Neutral

True Neutral/Social
If you are lynched, you get the choice of either strongman killing a player who voted guilty on you at night, or preventing a trial the next day.
Goal: Get yourself Lynched
True Neutral/Killer
Whenever a player visits you, kill them. Their role will be unknown.
(Night) - Redirect a player to yourself.
Goal: Have at least 1/3 of the people visit you.
True Neutral/Support
(Night) - Heal target player. This is strongmanned until your first successful use of it.
Goal: Prevent 3 people from dying.
True Neutral/Social
(Night) - Frame and Mark target player for 1 day.
Goal: Live to see 2 marked targets get lynched.
True Neutral/Offensive
Death Immune the first time you're attacked.
(Night) - Target a player and choose another player. If your target's first Night ability targets a player, they must use that ability tonight and are Redirected to the chosen player. You learn your target's role.
Goal: Outlive all Uninformed Majorities.
"No good deed goes unpunished."
Card by ChippyYYZ
True Neutral/Social
Death Immune
When you become the Nemesis, the Moderator picks a random player with a non-Unique Uninformed Majority role.
Goal: Live to see that player Lynched. If they die at night, you become a Fool.
No reason. No mercy.
Card by ChippyYYZ
True Neutral/Special
(Night, Strongmanned) - Target a dead player. At the start of the day, you become their role. You can't become a Unique role if another is alive, or if it's a Unique Uninformed Majority role. It is announced that an Amnesiac has become that role.
Goal: Survive, or win as your new role.
"Something about this seems... familiar."
Card by ChippyYYZ
True Neutral/Killer
(Night) - Heal a player, killing anyone visiting them.
Goal: Kill 4 Uninformed, or prevent 2 people from dying.
True Neutral/Special
(Night) - Choose a dead player to perform a ritual on. This will be announced tommorow. Upon completing 3 rituals, you will kill yourself, and convert 1 other player into a Spiritualist.
Goal: Complete 3 rituals
The King
True Neutral/Special
Starting Day 1, you will be revealed. Upon your death, an election to determine the next King will be held.
(Day) - Immediately put someone on trial, or decide the accused's fate.
Goal: If you were elected, complete your previous goal. If impossible, survive until the end of the game.
True Neutral/Social
Each night, you may send an anonymous message through the Moderator to everyone.
(Night) - Investigate target player's role.
Goal: Outlive all Uninformed Majorities.
"This place'll be under new leadership soon. At least that's the word on the street. I should know, I put it there."
Card by ChippyYYZ
True Neutral/Killer
Death Immune - This role is only assigned in a game with The King.
(Night) - Kill The King (2 uses).
If you become The King, you are Death Immune the first time you're attacked.
Goal: Become the King and survive to the end of the game.
"The throne is rightfully mine, by which I mean that I want it and nothing will stand in my way."
Card by ChippyYYZ
True Neutral/Social
You must always be constantly yelling. Goal: Get Yourself Lynched.
Only the best players don't fake this role
True Neutral/Investigative
On first becoming a Recruit, gain a random Recruit sub-role. Keep it when converted and don't reveal it on death.
(Night) - Investigate target player. If they're suspicious and an Informed Minority, Mark them, and their faction learns that you are a Recruit.
When a Marked player dies, you are converted to a random non-Unique non-Killer role of their faction.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Promising Recruit
You can't Distract, Redirect, Poison, kill, or vote to Lynch your allies. You can't become a Killer role unless you have no allies.
When you are killed by an Informed Minority while you're either their ally or a Recruit, their faction can't kill players the next night.
Goal: Win as your new role.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Subversive Recruit
Allied abilities that would kill you are Strongmanned. You can't Distract, Redirect, Poison, kill, or vote to Lynch your allies. You can't become a Killer role. You become a Recruit when you have no allies.
When you die, your faction's members can't be lynched the following day.
Goal: Outlive all Informed Minorities. This goal overrides your role's goal.
Card by ChippyYYZ
True Neutral/Investiative
You start the game with 3 heretics. At least one of them will be Scum. None of them can be Neutral.
(Night) - Determine if a player is a heretic. If they are, learn their role.
(Night) - Kill a found Heretic. (1 use)
Goal: See all heretics die before you do.

(Yin/Yang must spawn together)

True Neutral/Offensive
You know the identity of Yang, and cannot visit them. The game will not end unless either achieves their goal. Death Immune Once
(Night) - Distract target player.
Goal: See Yang killed before yourself.
True Neutral/Support
You know the identity of Yin, and cannot visit them. The game will not end unless either achieves their goal. Death Immune Once
(Night) - Strongman target player's night ability.
Goal: See Yin killed before yourself.

Psycho Neutral

Jack of More Trades
Psycho Neutral/Killer
Death Immune
- Kill target player, and gain a 1 use version of their night ability. You can store infinitely many abilities.
Psycho Neutral/Killer
Death Immune
- Kill target player. Their body will be burned up, leaving their role unknown to everyone.
Psycho Neutral/Killer
Death Immune
- Douse target player. They won't know that they have been Doused. Doused players appear to be an Arsonist when Investigated.
(Night) - Strongman kill all Doused players without visiting them.
(Night) - Un-Douse yourself.
Some people just want to watch the world burn.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Psycho Neutral/Special - Unique
Death Immune
Players visiting or visited by you or an Infected player become Infected in the morning. Players do not know that they are infected. You know which players are infected. When all other players are Infected, you become Pestilence.

(Night) - Infect target player.
"I am the cure."
Card by ChippyYYZ
Psycho Neutral/Killer - Unique
Strongman Death Immune
This role cannot be assigned at the beginning of the game. The Moderator announces when a player becomes Pestilence.

(Night) - Strongman Kill target player and all other players who visit them tonight.
Behold, a pale horse.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Psycho Neutral/Killer
If you were to die at night, strongman prevent the death or deaths, consuming a soul. You start the game with 1 soul.
(Night) - Kill a player, gaining 1 soul. This bypasses Healing. Optionally spend 1 soul each for strongman kill and/or killing all players visiting them.
Psycho Neutral/Killer
Death Immune
(Night) - Target two players. You will visit one targetted player of your choice, and they visit and kill the other player.
(Night) - Target a player. If they are not currently Death Immune, trade roles with the and unavoidably die. This counts as a kill against them. You win if the Possessor wins. (2 uses)
Psycho Neutral/Killer
Death Immune
(Night) - Kill a player. If they are Death Immune, or you would die from killing them, you will be notified and not kill.
Psycho Neutral/Killer
If you were to die, you would instead prevent it. The attacker will be notified that you are the Wraith
(Night) Kill target player, or anyone visiting them.
Psycho Neutral/Killer
If you are killed, your Puppet will die instead.
(Night) Choose a player to become your puppet. You will always visit them. Can Self-Target.
(Night) Kill a player, your puppet visiting them.
Psycho Neutral/Killer
Death Immune
on odd-numbered nights.
(Even-Numbered Night) - Kill target player and each player visiting them, bypassing Death Immunity. If you target yourself, or if you would become Distracted, instead kill each player visiting you, bypassing Death Immunity.
Beware not the howls of many wolves. Beware the howl that no wolf answers.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Psycho Neutral/Social - Unique
Tailored, Death Immune
- Mark target player and Investigate their role type. If all players except you are marked, kill that player instead.
When you vote to Lynch or Pardon a player, all Marked players' votes are not counted, and your vote counts as one extra vote for each Marked player able to vote.
Card by ChippyYYZ
Psycho Neutral/Social
(Night) - If target player talked in the day before, silence them from talking, permanetly. If everyone else is silenced, kill all of them instead.
Psycho Neutral/Social
You start the game with a 1-shot Death Immunity
(Night) - Choose a dead player. If you haven't targetted them before, gain 1-shot Death Immunity. You will appear as their role, until attacked or another target is chosen.
(Night) - Kill target player