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Hey guys! I have been playing some decks here and have really enjoyed the site. So I decided to contribute back. I have made a program to create and edit decks. This is in Release 1, but will have most of the extra features soon. So, as a good community, I would love you to test and give feedback on this.

Release 1.01 out!
I was surprised to find some more time to work on this project. I haven't done as much as before, but one of the requested features, multiples of a single card, was added. Source Code is here and EXE here.
Eyecreate 01:45, 19 June 2007 (BST)
Also, old saves will cause errors in version 1.01.
Eyecreate 16:56, 19 June 2007 (BST)

Release 1 out!I have to say though, that I may not have time to work on this much past this. I have released the source code so that others can edit or improve on what is here. I will still it check out when I get time, but no promises. I hope someone can take this up. Eyecreate 16:20, 22 March 2007 (UTC)

Alpha/Pre-Release Status

Alpha/Pre-release is outdated!
mock example:Dvorakmockup.jpg

Beta/Release Status

The beta is now dead. Release is out.

Beta Screenshots

  • Right Click here to change background color Addcard1back.jpg
  • Right click here to change bar color Addcard1middle.jpg

Release Data
Right now you can:

  • Add cards
  • Remove cards
  • Edit Cards
  • Save/Load Decks
  • Colorize cards
  • Export to Wiki format
  • Card Printing
  • HTML Export
  • MUSHCode Export
  • Multiple card create/edit/delete

In the near future I hope to add:

  • Different Card Viewing postrelease
  • Improve some areas postrelease


Prerelease: Download
Beta 1(fixed): Download
Release 1:
Download EXE|Download Source->Files fixed


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