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Dead Spaced Onslaught - Archive
Designer Zenith
Date 28/02/2009
Players 2 - 6
This is an unfinished deck. It is incomplete, and is not playable.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is locked. Further cards should not be added - leave feedback on the talk page.

A card game based on the popular game "Dead Space"


This is the introduction to my newly designed card game (Dead Spaced Onslaught) It will focus on Space and Planetary combat with each player controlling a ship rather than a person.

Planet System

The planet deck will consist of 25 different planets. These planet cards will be spaced out across the table with varied distances between them. It will also include. 25 Ore cards / 25 Atmosphere cards / 25 Bonus cards. When your ship lands at a planet you will draw 1 Ore card / 1 Atmosphere card / 1 Bonus card. These 3 cards will determine what kind of planet it is.
There are several things you can do with a planet.
1. Inhabit / Possess
2. Mine
3. Destroy
Whether or not you can inhabit a planet will depend on the type of atmosphere it has. You will also need a colony to inhabit it. The necromorph players can possess the planet (Hive) which is the same as colonisation.
The only ship that will be able to mine the planet is the mining ship. The only other method of receiving the ore from the planet is to colonise it.
Any ship with weaponry can destroy a planet.
Here is an example of a planet card.

Water world

The card consists of a planet name, planet type and size value (It's size is equivalent to it's wounds)
To destroy it you need to deal damage equal or greater than it's size.
When you land onto this planet you will draw an ore card, atmosphere card and bonus card.
Here are examples of these types of card.

Value = 1300
Oxygen Based
Precious Ore
Ore mined from this planet has its value doubled

The value of T in the corner of the ore counts for how many turns it takes to mine it. All the information you will need to know will be written on these cards.

Ship System

Every player will control a different ship which will be split into 6 types.
Each type of ship will have a different objective to win the game. They will be refined in the seperate decks.
Each ship will be made up of several different decks. Example:

S5 / P1
Passenger Deck
The passenger deck. Allows for 1 squad to be produced per deck.

The corner value S is it's structure value (wounds) if it suffers that amount of damage it will be destroyed. The P value (penetration value) is the smallest number that needs to be rolled on a dice for a boarding party to break through and board the deck. As you can see each deck will play a specific role in the gameplay.
Here is an example of a ship.

Altmans Blessing
Ship - Church
5 passenger / 5 church / 3 engine / 2 hydroponic / 2 weaponry / 2 dock / bridge

That will be the card you're moving around the table around the planets. Each deck requires you to have a card in front of you. So each player will control 1 ship.

Ship Upgrades

So, every player will have layed out in front of them the structure of their ship. Each player will have 3 draw piles. 1 for squad cards, 1 for ship upgrades and 1 for actions.
Squad cards will consist of the different types of squad that can be produced from a certain part of the players ship, the ship upgrades will consist of various upgrades for different decks of each ship and the actions will be drawn 1 per turn and only available for that turn.

W5 / 1D*W
Humanoid Necromorph Squad

Every squad card will have specific uses in the card description. Some squads will only be available to a certain faction (Human / Necromorph), some will only be available to a certain class (Church / Military / Mining) and there will also be a few refined to each ship specifically. The number of wounds are in the top corner of the card by W. This card has 5 wound, the damage will depend on how many creatures are still alive in that squad (hence the *W).

Ship Upgrade
Attach to an engine deck to double its power output.

Each ship upgrade will be drawn from the upgrade deck depending on whether the player has any decks left to be able to draw from the pile. They will be attachments to a certain deck of the ship. You can only have one upgrade per deck, but you can remove one and attach another if you want to. Unless you can find a new location for the one you've replaced you must discard it.

Select a random deck on an opponents ship. This deck cannot be used this turn.

Actions are self explanitory. It's just up to you whether you want to use them or not. There will be no instant actions (negative actions) in this game so each one will benefit you in some way.

Ship engagement/movement

Depending on how many engine decks your ship has will determine how far it can move per turn. 1 engine deck = 1 inch movement.
If you ever engage an opponent (ships meet) you can either trade ore (you can only trade ore as the planet deck is neutral) or engage in combat. If you engage in combat you will go through a few steps:
1. Determine who makes the first move, both players roll a dice, the highest score attacks first, the player that moved their ship into combat (engaged the other ship) gets +1 on the dice roll.
2. The player that one the dice roll decides what they want to do, they can either move away using their engines or attack. Each deck can sustain a varied amount of damage as shown by the S value. A players weapon damage will be detailed on their weapon decks.
3. When the player has finished attacking any decks that were destroyed cannot be used until they are repaired (details on the bridge card), destroyed decks will have their ability nulified and any upgrades applied to them will be destroyed.
4. The other person will go through steps 2 and 3.
5. Engagement ends, the ships will remain in the same place until it is the next persons go.
Various tactics that you might find useful are:
1. Cripple - If you need to destroy the opponents ship and you have more than enough weaponry to handle it take out the engines first to stop them fleeing the battle.
2. Weaken - Destroy all their weapon decks so they cannot attack with their weaponry.
3. Slow - Taking out all passenger type decks or dock decks will stop them being able to draw from their card piles and this will give you the upper hand on the draw phase.
If two ships enclose onto one all three will roll and the person with the highest roll will score the first move, then the next highest and so on. This way you could sustain an attack from one of the ships then get a chance to flee before sustaining anymore damage.
If you engage you cannot flee and shoot in one turn!


Various squads will be able to board the opponents ship, (this is where the P rating comes in). Any squads that get onto your ship will be able to attack internally and will only be removed off of your ship if killed. In order to engage a squad your squad must be in the same deck of your ship, engagement is the same as ship vs ship. Roll to see who gets the first strike, then deal damage accordingly.

Draw Phase

When it's your turn you may draw 1 action card, then draw however many upgrade/squad cards you're allowed per turn (depending on how many decks you have).


You will control 1 ship which will have a certain objective to win the game.
You will move it around the table (1 inch per engine) seeking to complete these objectives.
When you reach a planet you will draw 1 ore card / 1 bonus card / 1 atmosphere card to verify what type of planet it is.
When your ship is destroyed you're out of the game.