ChippyYYZ booster pack

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ChippyYYZ booster pack
Designer ChippyYYZ
Date 10/20/2016
Players 2+
Although this is an unfinished deck, it is still playable.
To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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This deck is locked. Further cards should not be added - leave feedback on the talk page.

An additional set of cards based on the mythical figure of legend. Includes limited-edition printings of ChippyYYZ classics with all-new flavortext, with guest appearances by his buddies Bucky and Binarius.
Add a little bit of me to your next game of Infinite Dvorak!

#4276 Reinforcements
#4986 Break It Down, Chippy
#5977 Heroic Sacrifice
#6074 Pretentious Dismissal
#6326 YYZEvolution ​​
#6406 Channel The Forebears
#6438 Benevolent Supervision ​​
#6448 Psaphonic Reiteration
#6456 Derisive Generosity
#6457 Insincere Flattery
#6463 Chaotic Reinvention
#6464 Intrusive Accordance
#6465 Evasive Intuition
#6466 Psionic Lensing

Card List

Create two random cards from The Best Of ChippyYYZ deck and put them into your hand. You may take an extra action this turn.
"I have no shortage of tricks and diversions to fall back on, though I need to come up with a better way to organize them." -ChippyYYZ's journal
Card by ChippyYYZ
Break It Down, Chippy
Draw a card for every card by ChippyYYZ you reveal from your hand.
Card by Binarius
Heroic Sacrifice
Reveal your hand and choose a creator. Put all cards in your hand by that creator and all Things you control by that creator into the discard pile, then draw three cards for each.
"By then, the others were already activating the device. My resources had been retooled for sheer effect. A torch may burn bright, but if you won't need it for long, a bomb burns brighter."
-ChippyYYZ, log entry
Card by ChippyYYZ
Pretentious Dismissal
Destroy target Thing not created by ChippyYYZ.
"Hardly your best work."
Card by ChippyYYZ
Reveal the top 8 cards of the deck. For each of those cards, you may play that card by moving a Thing you control with the same creator or with fewer words in its rulestext into the discard pile. Shuffle the rest into the deck.
"It disassembles not parts, but concepts. What can't be reconfigured mechanically can then be reconstructed ideologically." -ChippyYYZ's journal
Card by ChippyYYZ
Channel The Forebears
You may play cards by ChippyYYZ as though they were Actions with the text "Draw three cards."
Other players may play cards by ChippyYYZ as though they were Actions with the text "Draw two cards."
"Who are you, reader, and why? My only wisdom is an imitation of the great ones of old. Or am I numbered among them in your time? The pen is a well-traveled baton indeed" -ChippyYYZ's journal
Card by ChippyYYZ
Benevolent Supervision
At the beginning of each player's turn, before they draw a card, that player may look at the top card of the deck. If it's a Thing, that player may put it into play.
At the end of your turn, you may look at the top card of the deck. If its creator is ChippyYYZ, you may play it immediately.
"Automatic optimization for any purpose necessary. And it knows my purposes well." -ChippyYYZ, log entry
Card by ChippyYYZ
Psaphonic Reiteration
Thing: This ability has an identical effect to any Action card that you have played this turn. Then destroy Psaphonic Reiteration. If that Action card was by ChippyYYZ, return it to your hand.
"Repetition for emphasis, repeated for emphasis. Why didn't I think of this before?" -ChippyYYZ, log entry
Card by ChippyYYZ
Derisive Generosity
Action: Target player reveals a random card from their hand. They discard it unless it's the only card in their hand or its creator is ChippyYYZ.
"And what if my ideas fall into the wrong hands? They'll still be the right ideas."
-ChippyYYZ, log entry
Card by ChippyYYZ
Insincere Flattery
Copy the most recent Action played. If that Action's creator is ChippyYYZ, one-up it by drawing a card afterwards.
Card by Bucky
Chaotic Reinvention
Destroy all things created by ChippyYYZ. If a Thing you control is destroyed this way, you may draw two cards and you may put a Thing by ChippyYYZ from your hand into play.
"...and after rebuilding the computer from scratch and writing another operating system that could encode .yyz files, the bug was finally fixed. I had nothing better to do that day."
-ChippyYYZ's journal
Card by ChippyYYZ
Intrusive Accordance
Play in response to an Action not created by ChippyYYZ that would destroy one or more Things not created by ChippyYYZ. That Action destroys none of those Things. Each player who controls that Action or one of those Things draws a card.
"I have successfully negotiated a peace treaty between gill_smoke and Tweed Cap. I suppose I should notify them of this."-ChippyYYZ, log entry
Card by ChippyYYZ
Evasive Intuition
Play when you or a Thing you control becomes the target of an Action. That Action targets a random target instead.
If that Action is by ChippyYYZ, that Action targets a target of your choice instead.
"You hold only metal and circuitry, an instance of a pattern; the pattern itself comes from me. You may as well try to hit a sword with itself." -ChippyYYZ
Card by ChippyYYZ
Psionic Lensing
Destroy a Thing. If its creator was ChippyYYZ, you may play a Thing into any player's control. If its creator is also ChippyYYZ, draw five cards. If you played it into the control of the same player whose original Thing you destroyed, they discard their hand first.
Card by Binarius