Beat-U-Mon! Card Set

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Beat-U-Mon! Card Set
Designer Newecreator
Date May 16, 2008
Players 2+
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To play Dvorak: Draw five cards each and leave the rest as a draw pile. On your turn, draw a card from the draw pile and play one Thing and/or one Action. (See the full rules.)
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Play Mat

  1. Deck Zone Is where you draw three cards on your first turn then draw a card to start your turn.
  2. Monster Zone Is where you put the Mon card you want to play.
  3. Discard Pile Is where you discard your card.
  4. Energy Zone Is where you put energies.
  5. K.O. Zone Is where you put Mons that are knocked out.

Types of cards used in the game

Mon Cards Are the main cards in the game in which they aren’t put to the Discard pile. When they are played, they have written information of Heart coins in which are put to the picture of the card. These cards also can be Knocked-out by depleting all of their Heart coins.

Mon cards have also a level that tells how a Mon is played.

  • Baby cards are played.
  • Super cards are played by attaching them to the correct Baby Mon on the playmat and all damage took by the Baby Mon will be still there and is considered as two or three Mon for the cause of evolution
  • Rookie and Legend cards are played when you discard the energy that is needed to play it

Mon card has a color scheme that tells the Mon card’s element.

  • Gray colored cards that has no weakness to any attack.
  • Red colored cards is weak to Blue attacks (being weak to an element doubles the damage taken).
  • Blue colored cards is weak to Yellow attacks (being weak to an element doubles the damage taken).
  • Yellow colored cards is weak to Green attacks (being weak to an element doubles the damage taken).
  • Green colored cards is weak to Red attacks (being weak to an element doubles the damage taken).

A Mon card can be sick during the game. A Mon card starts to be sick by the effect of the cards. The sicknesses include:

  • Poison that decreases the HP of the sick Mon by 1.
  • Dizzy that you must flip a coin and must be heads in order to attack. If tail the mon takes 1 damage.
  • Sleep that makes the Mon card can’t attack for 5 whole controller's turn.
  • Burn the effect is like poison.
  • Angry the Mon affected with this sickness, should take 2 damage in order to attack.
  • Freeze the effect is just like Sleep but can be cured using a Red-Type attack

Item Cards These cards are played on the item card space where it is put to the discard pile after use. Energy Cards These cards are played after you play a Mon. These are cards that allow a Mon to use a specific Attack. You can't use an attack if it has no matching energy.

Turn Structure

Draw Start starting your turn by drawing five cards and draw one, to start your turn. If your Deck Zone is empty and you have no Mon in your Mon Zone,you will lose the game immediately. Note: There isn't any hand limit.

Play To do this, is by putting the valid order of cards in their proper places or using the effect of the card. The card in order that you can play is:

  1. Play a Mon card
  2. Play an Energy card
  3. Play any number of Item cards

Fight Is when both opposing Mon cards are opened. The Mon card opened by the second player, will attack first. Damage is applied then applies the weakness (if possible). For example Toto-Mon deals 2 damage points to Furumi-Mon and it is weak to that attack so the damage will become double (damage x 2 = new damage).

End turn Repeat the turn structure to the next player. If you defeat three Mon cards of your opponent by making the heart coins to zero you will win the game or you are the last player standing.

Mon Cards

Mon : White : Baby
  • (W)(W)Pinwheel: does 1 damage.
Mon : Green: Baby
  • (G)Leaf Attack: does 2 damage.
  • (G)(G)Sleep Dust : flip a coin; if heads, the target is Sleep
Mon : Blue : Baby
  • (B)Bubbles: does 2 damage.
Mon : Red : Baby
  • (R)Flares: does 2 damage.
Mon : Green : Sportun's Super
  • (G)(G)Petal Wind: does 4 damage
  • (G)(G)(G)Solar Heal: discard 1 energy; take out all damage from Flortun.
Mon : Blue: Budrop's Super
  • (B)(B)(B)(B)Aqua Wave: does 5 damage.
Mon : Red : Firmun's Super
  • (R)(R)Fire Ball: does 3 damage
  • (R)(R)(R)Hot Sun: the target is Angry
Mon : Green: Flortun's Super
  • (G)(G)(G)(G)Leaf Tempest: does 7 damage.
Mon : Blue: Ballrop's Super
  • (B)(B)(B)(B)(B)Tsunami: does 8 damage.
Mon : Blue: Flamrun's Super
  • (R)(R)(R)(R)Inferno: does 6 damage.
Mon : Yellow: Baby
  • (Y)Baby-Volt: does 1 damage.

Energy Cards

White Energy
Provides 1 (W) energy.
Red Energy
Provides 1 (R) energy.
Blue Energy
Provides 1 (B) energy.
Yellow Energy
Provides 1 (Y) energy.
Green Energy
Provides 1 (G) energy.